Read Food Labels Carefully

We’ve talked before about how you should take the time to read labels of the products you’re about to buy and consume.  Lots of interesting stuff can be found on the back of that container!

Companies are not trying to help you out in any way regarding the information on their packaging.  They are trying to FOOL you into buying something by making you think it is better than it really is.  Companies care about money, they don’t really care about your health.

Fooducate had an excellent article about tricky food labels.  It showed the comparison between two cans of tomato soup. Same company, except one can said it had 25% less sodium.

Reading that, naturally one would believe that it contained 25% less sodium than the original version of the soup.

Not true.

What the company meant was that this soup contained 25% less sodium than other similar soups.  Unless you searched for and then read the super fine print, you wouldn’t know that otherwise.

Lovely, no?

Misleading and tricky labels are abundant now in this time of food stuffs. Make sure to read things thoroughly before purchasing this way you can feel confident that you made an informed decision.

Do you read food labels? We are sticklers now for making sure to read labels and checking things out.

P.S. That’s the back of a 2% Fage container. They aren’t trying to fool anybody. I’m using it because it shows the ingredients.

3 thoughts on “Read Food Labels Carefully

  1. My favorite is “natural flavor.” WTF is that? I remember when Kroger came out with their brand of Greek yogurt- I was all excited because it was cheaper than the kind I like at TJ’s and the flavor/texture was comparable. But it listed “natural flavor” as an ingredient. I tried contacting them to find out what that meant, but never received a response.

    I’m also one of the crazy (smart?) people that read EVERYTHING on the label. I’m always comparing the nutritional value of everything in addition to the ingredients.

  2. I was worried for a sec when I saw your photo. Fage is my fave brand of yogurt right now and I was afraid there’d be something awful hidden in the label.

    I try to read labels regularly – mostly for serving size info and to see if something is made of a whole bunch of ingredients that came from a lab.

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