Kicking April To The Curb

April was a rough month this year guys. Rough! And I’m talking in terms of working out. The weather this first month of spring was not wanting to cooperate.  We’ve had tons of rain and if it wasn’t raining then it was super windy.

Or we were dealing with conditions that were ripe for creating tornadoes.

Not happy times and this presented a bit of a challenge for getting some runs accomplished.

Looking over my calendar for the month, here are my stats:

I got a total of 9 runs in out of 30 days. NINE RUNS.

That is ridiculous.

Four days out of April month I was sick so there were no workouts.

Eleven days saw me doing workout DVDs and six days were rest days.

I did workout DVDs more than I got to run.  Only once in April I was able to get a long run done and that was 9 miles.


So you can understand how much I am ready for April to be over and to get May started.

Because May has to be better than April.

Normally I love spring! I know it comes with rain but this year it was just depressing.  Gloomy, grey, rainy, AND cold.  We only saw a few warmish nice days, otherwise it was damp and cold. We only saw the sun for a few short moments a couple of days.


Here’s to May and a much better training month!

How was April in your neck of the woods? Were you able to get outside and have some nice weather or were you stuck inside like me?

2 thoughts on “Kicking April To The Curb

  1. I hear ya, bring on May! I always look at a new month as a clean slate. I was pretty happy with my workouts and running stats until I counted and realized I only ran 8 times. Which seems ridiculous considering I am training for another half-marathon. I hope to amp it up in May too! Good Luck!!

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