Review: Buried Hatchet Stout by Southern Star Brewery

If you’ve been around here long enough, then you’ll know that I love the dark beers.  I love them a ridiculous amount and I tend to stay away from lighter beers.  IPAs are my Nemesis.

Recently while I was having a meeting with a twitter friend, Scott was off purchasing some beers and other necessities.  He came back with several beers, some favorites and some new ones.

This Buried Hatchet Stout was a new one and I was skeptical.

I’m not a huge beer from a can girl.  Yes it sounds snotty but cans of beer just seem so cheap.  And yes I realize that even cheap beer can come in bottles (You know who you are!) but still, the stigma is there.

Even though Monk’s Blood, which is a great beer that also comes in a can, has taken my fears down a notch, they are still there.

Scott bought this beer for me and I wasn’t even the first one to drink it, he was. One night when I was still getting over my cold, he popped open a can and plopped down on the couch.

Well, you can’t just bring a new beer around me and expect me not to try it.  So I did.  Gave it a short sniff and then a wee sip.

“Wow that beer is awesome.”  I believe was my statement but I was sick so perhaps my senses were off?

Weeks later, it was my turn to pop open a can and plop down on the couch. I was in the mood for a beer and decided this would be a good time to give Buried Hatchet a full tasting.

This beer knocked my socks off.  It has a great stout feel as you pour the beer and see the thicker black brew fill up the glass.  It’s got a great caramel colored head that sticks around just as long as it should.

Coffee and chocolate aromas you smell right away and they make you want to instantly take a drink.  The coffee stands out more and smells like it was just freshly ground.

The best part about this beer is that the coffee flavor sticks with you and lingers on your tongue for a while. It goes away just as you’re about to take your next sip.

Buried Hatchet has a complexity to it that I haven’t tasted in a stout for quite some time. It reminds me a bit of New Holland’s Cabin Fever.  Though Buried Hatchet is more coffee and less toffee flavor.

I am in love with this stout and the bonus is that it is available year round! Hooray! The sad part is that it only comes in four-packs.  This is a beer that you’ll savor as you sip away.

If you like stouts, I highly recommend you look for some Buried Hatchet at your favorite brew retailer.

Ours was purchased at The Anderson’s in Dublin off of Sawmill.

Disclaimer: We bought this beer on our own with our own money.

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