Running Reflections: Did Not Start

As runners, we’ve all heard tales and talks of those that Did Not Finish (DNF) a race.  Perhaps we’ve even experienced such a situation ourselves.

But what about those that Did Not Start (DNS) a race?

Have you ever bailed out on a race for any reason?

My answer is yes I have.  I have bailed on two races and they were both for the same reason, rain.  There are two things I hate running in the most:

1. Rain

2. Wind

I can handle and will attempt pretty much everything else.  Either of those things, regardless of the temperature, I detest and try not to run in them if I can help it.

The two races that I DNS, were both this year, a spring and a winter race.  Small distances, one was a 5K and the other a four miler.  Both times it was raining really hard and both times I said, “Screw this, I’m going back to bed.”

I really don’t like having to bail.  I spent money on the race and that is money that doesn’t get refunded at all.  Nope.  Once you paid, the race organization isn’t looking to give it back to you.

I have shirts from both of these races and I wear them.  Yes, with a little guilt considering I didn’t even run those events, but heck I did pay for them after all.

Racing isn’t a cheap hobby.  Most times I’ll nut up and run the race despite the weather conditions.  However there are times when running in less than ideal weather really isn’t worth it. It is a total judgment call.  Some folks will go out no matter what and some won’t.

Many have bailed on a race because of injury.  Some because of hangovers.  Whatever the reason, I think most of us have a DNS in our history.

How about you? Have you bailed on a race before and what was the reason?

13 thoughts on “Running Reflections: Did Not Start

  1. I haven’t YET. However the temperature in Houston is pretty mild.
    So far the only DNS I have is a “Did Not Sign-Up…….for a race I had promsied to do last week.

    You are right. Racing is an expensive hobby!!

  2. I missed out on a Nike Human Race that I planned to do with my sister because I didn’t plan ahead for parking down at OSU. I think it was raining that night too, so that didn’t help the driving situation.

  3. Since my I decided to officially call myself a runner, I have not missed a race that I paid for.

    Though in thinking about it, I did sign up for a fun run 5k years and years ago (pre-running)and bailed, due to the night before being just too much fun. I woke up and didn’t feel to well and called my entry fee a charity donation. :)

    But I don’t think now that I view running differently would I let a little hangover do me in so easily!

  4. I haven’t had a DNS yet, but have vowed to bail on any race where the temps are forecast for upper 80s or warmer, with humidity. I’ll gladly forfeit my race fee in that case!

  5. I skipped out on a race last year bc I was sick. But when it comes to weather, however, I don’t mind the rain, it’s the cold that I hate. I am currently waiting for the hottest part of the day (usually around 2p) for my run today. Cold is the worst!

  6. Heidi says:

    Yep, DNS for the Columbus 10K this year due to injury. The funny thing is that I have two shirts from the race because a co-worker registered race day and they only had small shirts left, so he gave me his shirt. So I have two shirts (that I wear) for a race I didn’t run. I felt guilty about wearing them for awhile but I don’t now because I can run that distance.

  7. I was always disappointed for the kids in track with DNF next to their names when they had a problem and were unable to finish. My son didn’t mind the rain and cold and wind, but he hated the heat.

  8. First of all let me say that I LOVE that you said “nut up”. Lol!!

    I’ve done this twice, and both because of snow/ice. I even showed up to one and left before the race started!

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