Odd Day

Sunday was an odd day in that nothing really happened the way it was planned out to happen.  I was supposed to race Sunday morning but I woke up to pouring rain.  It had been raining since Saturday evening and I knew that it wasn’t going to stop anytime soon.  The weather was supposed to switch over to snow by early afternoon.

It was already cold outside and running in the freezing pouring rain isn’t really all that fun.

I totally bailed and went back to bed.  Running in the rain risking freezing and catching a cold was not worth it to me for just a four mile run.  Bed was a lot warmer and this decision proved to be the best one.

I was up again by 9ish and it was still pouring rain outside.  You could see that it was starting to switch over a bit to heavier freezing rain.  I did some morning yoga in my jammies and that was glorious! I know that there are so many choices but Gentle Hatha Number 1 on yogadownload.com is my favorite.  Full of calm, peace, and slow stretching which is what I enjoy with yoga.  By 9:30 it was snowing pretty hard.

Scott and I had a holiday party to attend later that day for our stick fighting school.  I was the one who organized and put together the event so it was my call on whether to keep the party on or not. By 11am I pulled the plug and cancelled the party.  The weather was horrible and I didn’t want anyone out driving in that.  Best to stay home and stay snug!

We stayed snug with some new pancakes.  Maple Bacon Pancakes, to be exact.

Oh.My.Word. I am in love with these little guys! Okay they weren’t so little but they were fab! A little butter on top and extra maple syrup made these babies taste like heaven. Because if there is a heaven, it’s gotta have bacon! (At least my heaven will be full of pig.)

Some clementines for some fruit action rounded out the meal.

We ventured out into the cold to walk Rocky who was overjoyed with all the snow that fell. Remember, my not-made-for-winter dog loves the cold and the snow.  He gets so hip-hoppity and then runs around the house when he gets back home.

After we did that, both Scott and I decided we were a little hungry.  Time to bust out some leftovers!

We ordered sushi on Saturday evening for a late dinner.  We have been missing our sushi Fridays because of other obligations and we felt like there was a hole in our bellies.  Normally this wouldn’t even show up on a Homespun Sunday but since I didn’t really have meals planned out because I thought we were going to be at a party, this was easy to bust out.

I had a avocado roll with cucumber and carrot and brown rice.

We also had bowls of ramen to warm us back up.  Yum! Ramen is so tasty and excellent.

The rest of the afternoon was spent moving Christmas decorations around and getting things into their final place. Vacuuming and such had to be done but I was pleased with the outcome.  Now our stockings are hung, a few presents are placed under the tree and all is well in the OHC house.

Dinner was easy! Since we had two larger meals already in the day, both of us really just wanted something light and to pick at.  Cue the snackie plate!

We had lots of yummy treats to pick at while we watched a movie.

Cheese plate had:

  • Irish Cheddar
  • Manchego
  • Beemster

I am a hard cheese kind of gal.  I don’t really like soft cheeses and I don’t like stinky cheeses at all.  No blue cheese please! I can handle a touch of Gorgonzola but small amounts.

The crackers were various kinds of wheat crackers.

The veggie plate had

  • Green apple
  • Broccoli
  • Yellow and green pepper
  • Carrot sticks

And in the first picture you can see some chicken sausage and some crab dip.  Admittedly the crab dip wasn’t very good so I didn’t have much of that at all.  Sorry Whole Foods, but I can make better crab dip!

Wine for the evening was a Barefoot Pinot Grigio which is very tasty! It’s a cheap wine, and you can usually find it on sale for $5.99.  For a wine that is under $10, I don’t think it’s bad at all!

While we ate dinner we watched, You Don’t Mess With The Zohan.  Lord what a horrible movie. Oh my gosh so not funny.  It had potential but sadly it really bombed.

After that we watched Season 3 of The Guild. Anyone else watch? Any readers closet gamers?

Then it was late and I had to crawl my way up to bed because I was so tired.  How was your Sunday? Anything exciting happen over the weekend?

5 thoughts on “Odd Day

  1. Our Sunday was super snuggly and cozy too. We relaxed, wrapped presents, frosted cookies and watched football. I canceled my Pampered Chef party that my friend was having because the weather was so bad. Now it’s sooo cold! Forget ice cream, lets try to get together for coffee!

  2. I heard that Ohio experienced some of that crazy mid west Blizzard this past weekend. Good call on the race. I decided to run a race on Thanksgiving day in the freezing rain and was sick for 2 weeks as a result. Not worth it!

  3. ” Because if there is a heaven, it’s gotta have bacon! (At least my heaven will be full of pig.)” This made me smile. You are a girl after my own heart!

    I’m slightly jealous of the snow. It was 80 here today! CRAZY! Doesn’t get me in that holiday mood.

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