Tuesday Tip: Grab a drink

Drinks on us

Most of us drink water throughout the day right?  Sure we might have some coffee or tea at some point as well but water is what makes the day.  Or at least it’s always on my mind, making sure I get enough water.

Taking in enough water keeps my system running smooth and believe it or not, helps keep the bloat at bay.  But you want to know a secret?

By the end of the day I am sometimes very tired of drinking some flipping water.  I want something a little different to shake up the day.  A squeeze of lemon or a slice of cucumber added to the water for zing, doesn’t cut it.  I want something more.  Something with UMPH! Something that keeps my mouth from being bored.

I started having evening drinks.  I’m not talking about wine or beer or something alcoholic.  I just mean something different that I didn’t have all day long.

I typically have seltzer and when I’m feeling super special, I’ll have some flavored mineral water. Oh I know what you’re thinking, “Ooo look at you living on the edge!”

Whatever.  It’s different and that’s my point.

Seltzer is cheap.  I can buy a liter of it for 79 cents at most places, including Whole Foods.  Most times I have it straight up but sometimes I have it with some fruit or a splash of juice.

I realize that this might sound a little dorky but having a special drink at the end of the day really helps me relax and unwind.  Everyone usually mentions that in regards to wine or the like, but let’s be honest, that isn’t always an option.  Despite the “health benefits” drinking alcohol everyday isn’t really a great idea.  So change it up and create your own special end of the day drink!  One that is unique, flavorful, special, and also keeping in line with your healthy lifestyle.

It will be something you can look forward to and when you sip it, you know that your day is done and it is time to unwind.  I like sipping on seltzer when I start making dinner some evenings.  I like making a special drink for Scott and I to have while we discuss our days.  I like the idea of having something special at the end of everyday.  I am a firm believer in that everyday should be treated like it’s golden while still keeping health in perspective.

Just like how your body gets used to you reaching for that mug of coffee or tea in the mornings, it will react the same way when you start having a lovely drink in the evenings.  You’ll instantly know that it’s time to kick off the shoes, slap on some jammies, and get busy with Mr. Couch.  I mean that in a totally literal sense.  It’s time to chill before starting all it over again the next day.

Grab a drink and relax!

5 thoughts on “Tuesday Tip: Grab a drink

    • Emily, That’s a good point! Who can afford to drink alcohol every night! Alcohol ain’t cheap! :p

      Lauren, I have trouble making sure I take in enough water in the winter. I’m usually chilly as well and want something warm. I have to make myself take in the water I need.

      Andrea, Hooray tea! I like tea a lot in the evenings when it’s really cold or when I need to get some major relaxing going on.

  1. It’s really hard for me to enjoy a lot of water in the winter. Mainly because I am ALwAYS cold and the last thing I want to do is make myself more chilly with cold water. I think hot tea is a good alternative during the winter months. In the summer, I seem to have no problems drinking gallons a day.

    I love seltzer water though. I usually have my “drink” during mid afternoon when I start to feel that slump. It really picks me up and helps me get through the rest of the day.

    Take care hun!

  2. This post is really resonating with me considering I gave up the sauce for Lent. My drinking is mostly habit, so I’ve just been replacing wine/beer/vodka/whiskey/etc. :) with tea. And you know what? I hardly know the difference!

  3. I used to only drink water, but on Saturday I had a Chai Tea for the first time and loved it! We made our own last night. It was fun. I totally agree that it is a fun end to the day and a great way to wind down :)

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