Review: Breckenridge Brewery Vanilla Porter

Porters and stouts, I love ’em!  Okay well I love stouts a little bit more than I do porters but don’t tell porters that.  I’m trying to keep our relationship smooth and casual.

Scott and I were perusing the beer aisle not long ago and we came across this vanilla porter by Breckenridge Brewery.

A dark beer brewed with actual vanilla beans?  You don’t say.  Interesting!

And because curiosity got the best of us, we purchased it.

It sat waiting in the fridge for the perfect moment.  Even though I do love beer, I have to be in the mood for beer.  I don’t want to waste a good beer on a moment when I’m not digging the carby goodness.  That doesn’t do anyone any favors.  Plus it could tarnish what would otherwise have blossomed into a beautiful affair.

Eventually it was beer night at the house and we poured ourselves some vanilla porter.  I couldn’t wait, I was so excited to try it!  Crossing my fingers and hoping with all my might that it did not disappoint.

First of all, look at that amazing color!  What I found interesting was that even though the beer is super dark, the head is a very light color.  Typically with dark beers you’ll see a caramel colored head but the vanilla porter didn’t have that at all.

Normally, I let my beers warm up a bit before sipping.  I don’t like my dark beers to be super cold.  I like them only slightly chilled, especially my porter babies.  Drinking them too cold makes the bitter finish a little too prominent.  Allowing them to warm up decreases the bitterness a lot.

However I couldn’t wait to drink this!  I mean, hello VANILLA BEER.

And you know what?  It was amazing.  It was the smoothest tasting porter I have had so far.  No bitter finish at all.  In fact I had to double check to make sure it wasn’t a stout.  Even cold, this beer tastes great.  And once the chill wore off, it was still great!

The vanilla flavor hits you at the finish and it is not over powering.  If you didn’t know it had vanilla, it might be hard to tell but you would know that it had something going on.

This was my first Breckenridge beer and I’ll definitely keep my eye out for more!  If you can dig on some dark beers, give this one a try!

Breckenridge Brewery Vanilla Porter

5 thoughts on “Review: Breckenridge Brewery Vanilla Porter

  1. A very very smooth porter with a hint of vanilla flavor. I DON’T like vanilla but this beer is a good mix that doesn’t overpower your tastebuds!

  2. wm says:

    i would like to try your stout is it available in the no.east of america , thank you for saving your beautiful boxer avery, your a wonderful being.

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