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For Scott’s birthday week last week, he took Friday off and we headed out to breakfast.  Going out to breakfast is one of our very favorite things to do.  I like dinner but if I had to only do one, I think it would be breakfast.

I love walking into a restaurant and smelling the coffee, eggs, English Muffins, and pastries.  I love that it’s a little bit quieter and subdued.  I like seeing people read their papers or fiddle with files over a steaming cup of coffee and a plate full of goodness.

When Scott and I first moved to Ohio, we came across a place called First Watch.  We knew it was a restaurant but we weren’t sure what type so we looked it up online.  It said that it was a breakfast and brunch place only and closed at 2pm.  Interesting!  Because before our only encounter with breakfast places were places that happened to serve breakfast all day long.  Think Bob Evans or, shout out to my ‘Burgh peeps, Eat’n Park.

Scott and I had never been to a place that only served breakfast type items and was only open till early afternoon.  This intrigued us!

It was a while before we got a chance to try out First Watch and now it holds a special place in our hearts.

Did you know that Scott and I eloped?

It’s true, big weddings and all the wedding hoopla is not our style.  Low key with just us, an officiant, and some nature is more our thing.  It was early morning in July when we tied the knot.  As we were leaving the park where we got hitched, we realized that it was still early enough that we could go and get breakfast.

We went to First Watch and had our first meal together as a married couple.  I have no idea what Scott ordered but I sure as heck remember my meal!  It was a croissant with scrambled eggs, spinach, and cheese on top.  It was as good as it sounds.

We have been in love with First Watch ever since and it’s one of the few chain restaurants that I will gladly walk into.

So when Scott had that random Friday off, we knew where to go for breakfast.

Normally I get some eggs, turkey sausage, and an English Muffin for my breakfast.  This time I was craving pancakes like you can’t even imagine.  I love that at First Watch you can order 1,2, or 3 pancakes.  I also love that they have a huge variety of different ones to pick from.

One of the reasons I shy away from pancakes out is because of the ingredients.  White flour, milk and eggs probably, and white sugar.

Ewy, McEwy!

But this time, I didn’t give a flip.  Why?  Because how often do I eat breakfast out and get pancakes?  Not often.  Plus I was really really really wanting some pancakes and having something else would not have satisfied me.  Is it worth it to be disappointed in a meal you’re paying for, just so you can say you didn’t eat something because of XYZ?  I’m going with no.

Sometimes you just have to get what you really want.

I had banana granola pancakes and I got some yogurt on the side to dip the pancakes into.  The banana slices and granola were cooked into the pancakes, not just tossed on top.  These were the most amazing things I ever had.  Light and fluffy with the perfect sweetness and vanilla flavor.  I could not stop telling Scott how much in love with these pancakes I was.

I ordered two but only ate one with a few bites of the second.  One would have been plenty, as they were pretty big and substantial for me.

I was happy and content.  The pancake and getting to spend time with my hunnies at one of our favorite places made for the best day.

16 thoughts on “Breakfast Out

  1. In Florida, we have a couple of First Watch locations. I can name of a few places that do only bfast. They are usually very good. I can recommend a better place here called the Frog Pond where the omelettes are the size of your head and they have a exotic selection of menu too (all bfast items).,+FL&cid=9191391923859817255

  2. So there’s a First Watch near the courthouse where my husband and I got married. We didn’t technically elope, since I had a few family and friends there, and we had a reception the next day, but the whole ceremony, scheduled at 11am, took all of 5 minutes, so when we tried to find a place for lunch after, everything seemed closed. If we had known about First Watch, we would have totally gone there all dressed up.

  3. Going out to breakfast is so wonderful! I love that you got what you truly craved. I usually get eggs and savory things, but once in a while you have to get some of the sweeter dishes- waffles, pancakes, etc. I’ve heard so many good things about First Watch, I’d love to try it!
    Have a wonderful day!

  4. I LOVE going out for breakfast with the fam. There’s just something so great about getting to sit and chat over coffee and having someone else do the cooking for once, even if it is Ew-ee McEwey :)

  5. How cool that you went to First Watch after you got married!

    I think we went to one in Kansas City. I really liked it :)

    We still use white flour and white sugar at home. Mostly we use the flour for making pizza. We use whole wheat flour for our crackers. I want to try some alternatives, but don’t have much money.

  6. Going out for breakfast used to be my FAVORITE treat, or even the once in awhile..breakfast for dinner trips to diners. I think feta omelets are what I miss most about not eating vegan.

    Love that you said..sometimes you have to eat what you want. Food should be enjoyed :)

  7. Say what? Bananas and granola baked into the cakes?!?!?! Okay, why have I not done this before?!?!

    Amazing! We love going out for breakfast too! It’s such a treat! :)

  8. I love that you guys got married and then had breakfast. Denny’s would have been way Klassier though :)
    My BFF got married in Vegas and for her “reception” we went to the buffet at the Luxor, and it was great! Not everyone needs a wedding!

  9. banana granola pancakes? never had those but they combine 3 things i love! eloped? sweet! never heard of this restaurant but i’ll keep an eye out for one in my hood

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