January 15th, 2010: Wrex’d

Hello lovelies! My snacky-poo from last night:

I had some wine and some nutroll.  Wooo!  So delish and nutrish!  Give it up for antioxidents and homemade baked goods!

I had considered running or possibly doing some strength training today but wow my bod is sore and exhausted.  Lawd!  And therefore I didn’t do crapola.  I know the difference between needing a break and when I can keep going, today was definitely in the realm of needing to just crash basically.  And that’s what I did.  I did a bunch of shiz around the house and stayed in my jammies as long as possible.  I did manage to change out of them to walk the dog.  I will take accomplishments where I can.  Today’s weather has been amazing!  Forty degrees is so warm!

It is overcast and slushy as hell outside, but it’s all good.  Today’s lunch was same old with a smaller salad to make room for this:

A fried egg (in olive oil, just a touch) and a slice of Ezek bread with a smidge of buttah.  Scott was having egg sandwiches and the lure of an egg was calling to me.  Mmm it was so so good!  With two bites of some Kerry Gold Swiss Cheese which is the best Swiss cheese I have ever tasted! I loved it so much I bought a second block of it.

Smoothlicious today:

  • 1C Carrot juice
  • 1C Unsweetened cranberry juice
  • 1C Water
  • Spinach
  • Banana
  • Frozen pineapple
  • Frozen blueberries

Some new things that have been popping up at the HQ this week:

Salad spinner!  My old one was small and had a pull top that you had to yank which is not a fun action when all you’re doing is trying to dry some lettuce.  The new one is huge and all I have to do is push it.  Push it real good.

A new lettuce/veggie bin!  It goes in the fridge and is supposed to keep veggies or whatever you put in it fresh for longer.  It is currently holding some red leaf lettuce and doing a damn fine job of it.  These two were Christmas prezzies.

Spinach and Artichoke Sabra!

Which is just okay.  If they would have added in some garlic from the garlic lovers version, this would be kick-ass!  As is, it lacks a bit of flavor and punch.  I have to add hotsauce to make it interesting.

Yes, LG, I said hotsauce.

I was going to make something special for dinner this evening but to be honest, once I sat on the couch I totally crashed out.  I wonder if the bod is fighting something off?  Because I’m not usually this run down or sore from working out.  I just feel wrecked!  So I turned to my freezer and pulled out something to heat up.

Sweet potato and squash chili!  HOLLA!  With some cheddar on top.  Mmm mmmm lord this stuff is so so good.  Is it wrong that I’m still dreaming about it when I’ve already finished eating?  It totally hit the spot too because I have a bit of a scratchy throat and this warm goodness felt perfect on it.

You know where I’m going, back to the couch and then it will most definitely be an early night for me.  I’ve already had my prunes so we are good to go!

8 thoughts on “January 15th, 2010: Wrex’d

  1. Lol, what I had originally typed was –shakes head– hot sauce, but then I used the carets or whatever they are and they didn’t come through. And hot sauce can be two words (I looked it up), but I think it’s also acceptable for it to be one.

    Let me know if this makes sense in my feverish condition. :D

  2. ah when did you change your layout/template? Cuzzzz I like it. Glad to be back and reading your blog :) Sometimes you just need a break girl..glad you gave your body what it needed! Looks like some delish eats too ;)

  3. Nice to know about that Sabra…I was curious, but as it is, I already add salsa to almost every flavor of hummus I eat ;)

    Egg sandwiches are heaven! I get cravings for them all the time.

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