Make time to eat at the table

Thursdays happen to be my favorite day of the week but Sundays are not far behind.  Sundays contain everything that I love:

  • An early morning long run.
  • Relaxing morning with multiple cups of coffee.
  • A fully rested hunnies.
  • Nothing on the schedule other than hanging out at home and doing whatever we want.
  • Sunday breakfast.
  • Sunday Supper.
  • Wine.
  • Dessert.

That’s a lot of fantastic stuff!  Sundays are all about us and one of the keys to a great Sunday is eating at the table.  Together.  Just us at the dinner table sharing a meal and some conversation.

I’m a huge believer in eating dinner or a meal at the table.  At least one meal during the day.  I grew up eating meals at the table.  Very rarely did I eat in front of the TV.  When that happened it was a pizza night.  Otherwise you sit your butt down at the table and eat your meal.  Breakfast, lunch, dinner, at the table.

This is a tradition I kept alive when Scott and I combined forces and started living together.  We always ate at the table.  Friday night dinner we would eat in front of the TV but that was it.

Now a few more dinners might find us in front of the TV but not many, I make sure it doesn’t become the norm.  Lunch is always eaten at the table (a benefit of working from home) and Sunday supper is also always at the table.

Sitting at the table provides a nice break from the stresses of the day.  You’re not staring at a computer screen and you’re not being assaulted by whatever is blaring off the TV.  You’re focus is on the nice meal and the people you happen to be sharing it with.  Even if you are eating by yourself, you are still allowing yourself to take a nice break and chill out.

Eating at the table is a nice time to reconnect with your family.  You can talk and chat about whatever you want.  It will help make the meal and the moment last longer.  When you are eating good food around great company, a lingering meal is a welcomed situation.  It recharges the soul, is relaxing, and can help make the nasties of the day history.

Even if the conversation isn’t flowing the entire time, it is still beneficial to eat at the table.  Heck Scott and I sometimes have lunch where we say very few things to each other.  However we still get to share that moment together and we still get that moment as a break from the day.

Mondays and Wednesdays, I find dinner at the table to be even more lovely.  We have stick fighting class those nights and being able to sit down to dinner together before we head to class provides a nice transition time for us.  We can move from work mode and head into class a little bit more relaxed and focused.  Since we get home late from class and I typically go straight to bed, having that time together at dinner ensures that we get some quality one-on-one time with each other.

I sort of feel like sitting at the table is a lost tradition.  Let’s bring it back!  Make some time to sit at the table and give yourself a break from the day.  You deserve it and so does your family. :)

15 thoughts on “Make time to eat at the table

  1. You guys are so adorable. The girls always eat breakfast at the table with Daddy and then we all always eat dinner together at the table too. It is SO important!

  2. DianaHayes says:

    I agree totally. I think it is very important to ban tvs computers, phones etc. They just interfere with family time.

  3. We eat two – three meals a day together at the table. I’m well aware that’s a pretty unusual thing. I would even argue that it might be healthier to eat at the table because scientists are finding that when you sit down and slow down, you consume less.

  4. my parents have always made my brothers and i eat at the table. when we’re home it’s a hilarious event and we all look forward to it because nothing is off limits of things to talk about. love eating at the table!

    • Thanks Amanda! :D

      Jenny, Totally agree. Sitting down with someone provides a great opportunity for some excellent face-time. Sometimes I think families/couples don’t get enough of that!

      Holly, Hi girl and welcome to OHC! :D How did dinner time go?

  5. I love this post. First, because I love all of the same things about Sundays as you!

    And secondly, because I’ve come to realize how important it is to just sit down with someone at least once each day and enjoy a meal. No rush, no other distractions, just you, some food, and some conversation.

  6. You reminded me how much I miss eating at the table!! I grew up eating at the table too. My partner and I hardly EVER eat at the table…but tonight that WILL be the discussion over dinner. At least Sunday dinners for starters…Thanks for the great post!

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