Tuesday Tip: Gifts and stocking stuffers 2009

stocking stuffers

stocking stuffers

Hi gang!  It’s just a little over a week before Christmas and there is still plenty of time to shop!  I know this because I’m still considering shopping. :p  Last year I did a gift and stocking stuffer ideas for the Geek and the Athlete and it turned out to be a huge hit.  It’s one of my top viewed posts!  So I decided to kick it into gear and do another one for this year. :D

Let’s get this party started!  I’m starting with Athletes because well, I just feel like it. ;)

Gift and Stocking Stuffer Ideas for the Athlete:

When you’re a non-athlete and you have athletes in your life, sometimes it can be hard to find gifts for them.  While gift cards to Dick’s are always appreciated, sometimes your athlete would like something a little more personal.  A little more from the heart showing that you care and pay attention to their talks of strength moves and time splits.  Here are a few things for the female athlete in your life.

If you have a hiker or distance runner in your life, chances are they look for different ways to stay hydrated.  Mention the name Camelbak and your athlete will instantly know what you are talking about.  Camelbak makes awesome bags (I know, I’ve got one) and they come in a variety of styles and colors.  However, this Camelbak is the prettiest and coolest one I have seen yet!

Last year I mentioned Sigg water bottles as a nice durable bottle that one can take to the gym or anywhere really.  Well, Sigg has been under scrutiny lately because of forgetting to mention that their water bottles actually contained BPA.  Oh Sigg.  For a durable BPA free bottle that has always been 100% BPA free, I now recommend looking at Klean Kanteen.  Plus they are currently offering free shipping!  I wouldn’t mind having a nice water bottle myself to take to martial arts classes.  I’m just saying. ;)

Whether your athlete is out walking, hiking, or riding, having information on you is always important.  I will always recommend and stand by RoadID.   They have great products, shipping is affordable, and the packages arrive quickly.  Plus staying safe is the number one priority!  The shoe pouch is big with plenty of room for keys, or an ID+credit card+money.  It has a reflective strip that works great and the pouch is durable and a lot more reasonably priced than competitors.  The wristband Sport Road ID is lightweight yet carries all the important information you should have on you in the event of an emergency.

Does your athlete like to workout to music?  Are they funky types who like to be different from everyone else?  If so, then check out Skullcandy headsets.  They have lots of different styles, shapes, colors, and designs.  Kiss sterile white earbuds goodbye and say hello to funky fabulous.

Speaking of music, if your athlete has an iPod Touch or an iPhone, take a look at Tuneband.  This armband has a large velcro strap allowing it to fit any arm size.  It extends for those that have some pipes and can double up for the more dainty of athletes.  Plenty of colors to choose from and a silicone case that easily slips over the device.

Recovery is important!  If you’ve got a distance runner in your life or even someone who hikes a good bit, check into recovery socks.  These look like knee-high socks but work wonders.  Or so I’m told, I don’t have a pair yet. ;)  Some are full socks and some are like sleeves for the legs.  I think the sound amazing! And everyone I’ve talked to who uses them loves them.  Double duty bonus points too because they can be worn during flights to help aid with leg circulation.  Get her (or him!) a pair of these and you’ll look like a rockstar.  There’s a bunch out there so be sure to do some research first!

Gift and Stocking Stuffer Ideas for the Geek:

I have yet to meet any geek who doesn’t also dig on the medieval stuffs.  I’m sure they are out there, but I don’t know about them.  This chess set is full of knights and armor and awesomeness.  It’s also pretty so it can be used as table art as well!

Know someone who likes loves Star Trek?  This is one of the best themed bottle openers I have seen.  Most themed bottle openers look awkward, are unbalanced, and heavy.  Not this Star Trek opener.  It would make a great stocking stuffer for the Trekky in your life!

Gamers in your life?  Don’t hate, participate! Okay, if you’re not going to game with them, you can show your support by giving them cool gifts.  A Gears of War messenger bag?  YES PLEASE!  Or maybe just a really cool looking keychain!

Don’t worry, there’s plenty of gamer action for just about all games.  Halo has lots of love.  Speaking as someone who covets her very own Marcus Fenix action figure, I can assure you that gamer gifts are well received and appreciated!  Still looking for that “Marcus Fenix is my hero” tee-shirt though. Want something clever and fun?  Check out Etsy for some more gamer options.

Got a comic lover in the house?  Look into some like Marvel Chronicle which documents all the Marvel characters and discusses their history and background.  Book is huge and full of images and tons of information!

And if they are looking for some graphic novel material for some light reading, perhaps introduce them to the Walking Dead series! Everyone loves zombies.  Mmmm brains!

Zombies can great fun!

Zombie humor is also always funny.

And well for some reason, bacon has exploded and become an extremely popular item lately.  Lots of bacon to choose from here!

For the techy, programming and coding humor you can never go wrong with.

Old school gamer?  Done and done.

Hopefully you’ve found a new gift or my suggestions sparked some ideas of your own!  Now off you go to shop for that special athlete or geek (or both! ahem.) in your life!  Happy Holidays! :prezzies:

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    • Jenny, I love doing posts like these! It’s so fun to “shop” around and check things out. :D

      Diana, I’m going to go with yes on that one. :p Bacon has gotten huge and has a seriously large following. It’s strange and funny all at the same time.

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