December 22nd, 2009: let’s get it started

Hi gang!  Look at all of your amazing responses to the body issue list!  It’s a really interesting thing to learn about what we like and don’t like about ourselves.  And do we not love the fact that we also got a dude’s perspective?!  Whatup Brett!  Brett is a friend of ours and he also trains in SF with us. :D  You all rock it!

I did not make a special drink after posting last night.  I was wiped out and actually went to bed to read and then I was asleep by 10pm.  I’m currently reading a Dean Koontz book which is just okay.  It’s a pretty light read and I imagine I’ll be done with it soon.  I need more books! :p  I don’t really dig on romance books or fluffy-bunny books.  I like suspense, crime, drama, supernatural (but for the love of all that is holy not Twilight); got any suggestions for me?  What are you reading right now?

I got up this morning and kicked it for a four miler.  It was rain-snowing this morning, but thankfully it wasn’t all that cold out so the run went pretty well.  It was one of those runs where I definitely could have kept going but more miles was not in the cards today.

Coffee and oatbran

Breakfast was a nice bowl of oatbran and coffee.  The coffee was super delish today, perhaps because vacation is so near that just about everything has to be good right now. ;)

I walked Rock and for the rest of the day did stuff around the house.


Lunch was pretty typical:

  • Salad (which looks gorgeous, doesn’t it?)
  • Mixed greens
  • Carrot
  • Broccoli
  • Cranberries
  • Feta
  • Pecans

Balsamic/honey/olive oil



  • 1C Carrot juice
  • 1C Unsweetened cranberry juice
  • 1C Water
  • Kale
  • Frozen pineapple
  • Frozen mango

Smoothie, salad, soup

And leftover soup from yesterday.  Mmm soup!  I had been dreaming about that soup all day long!

At some point during the day, I had a snack of fruit.


A red delicious along with some orange and clementine segments.

Scott was super busy today wrapping up things with work and clients.  That took all day for him and we had to miss MT class.  However, he is on vacation now!  :woohoo:  Time to hit full-on holiday-mode.

Baked beans, sweet potato fries, baked fish

Dinner was a twist on Fish Tuesday:


  • Soy sauce
  • Hot sauce
  • Chili mustard
  • Olive oil
  • Chili powder
  • Garlic powder
  • Sea salt

Did we have this same combo last week?  I can’t remember but it seems familiar.

Buffalo sweet potato fries!  Sweet potatoes cut into fry shapes and covered with buffalo sauce and a bit of olive oil.  Some garlic powder and smoked paprika, baked at 400 for about 20 minutes.

Baked beans!  Mmm!  I had a craving for beans and heated up some baked beans to cure it.

I also made some yogurt ranch dipping sauce for the fries but I ended up just dipping my fries in the baked beans. :D  Dinner was awesome but a bit on the heavy side for me.  It is definitely sitting in my bellah a little hard.  Umph.

Off to finish the Pens game from last night and chill out with my boys.  Tomorrow lovelies!

5 thoughts on “December 22nd, 2009: let’s get it started

  1. don’t know if i’ve ever commented recently, but I just wanted to say hi! I met you at the foodbuzz festival in November =)

    love that twist with tilapia – its such a bland fish, it really does need some seasonings to kick it up a bit

  2. All of your seasoning with the fish and sweet potato fries sound wonderful, but I think they would definitely set my mouth on fire after eating! lol :)

    I about to start reading Pat Conroy’s South of Broad, I don’t think it’s very suspenseful but my mother recommended it and I trust her taste…in books.

  3. I’m so with you onthe reading preferences. I hate sweet bullshit. Makes me sick! Two years ago I made the mistake of reading a Nicolas Sparks book at the INSISTENCE of one of my friends and it was torture! Have you read Dave Eggers? Or Khaled Hosseini? OR Augustun Borroughs or his brother? Amazing!
    I like female authors too, I promise! :)
    P.S. I, for one, would love to see Scott’s junk. I could compare it to Rob’s!

    • Erin, the best part about this comment is that some peeps aren’t going to know it’s origin and think you’re just asking to see Scott’s junk. This makes me insanely giggly. Ha! I am going to check out those authors for shiz!

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