October 4th, 2009: Autumn Celebration

Today has been all about fall flavors here at the HQ!  I love indulging in fall flavors with lots of pumpkin, apple, and cranberry going on.  Mmmm!

Last night’s “junk” food was delicious but oh guys it left me so bloated feeling afterwards.  :o  All the salt from the pizzas and fries caught up to me.  Goodness!  I was slamming glasses of water while we watched some hockey.  Almost caught up, last period left to go in last night’s game.  I hit the hay early too.  I was actually starting to pass out around 9pm. :p  But powered through until a little bit after 10pm and then I had to call it quits.  I crashed it out and bed and slept soundly, ready for my run this morning.

Where I busted out 6 miles!  Booyah!  And then wrote a little message to Scott:

Magnets on fridge

This is in response to his message to me this morning which said, “Have fun run!”.  Do we not just love him or what? :D  My pace was a little slower this morning at 10:30min/mile but I can dig on that.  My right ham is a little tight but not overly so.  I’m going to stick with six for a while and also start my physical therapy exercises up again at least once a week to work the hamstrings and get them back in order.  Adding miles and running long distances come winter is what will prove challenging I think.  Running in the cold for 4 miles is no big deal but more than that when the temps are in the teens might be a bit hard. Eeep!

Chocolate soymilk

I had a nice glass of CS and took Rocky out for a short walk.  I was freezing cold so I had to hurry back home.  Being sweaty and going out in the chilly morning air doesn’t work I guess. :p  In my defense I do put on more layers for his walk but that is not cutting it.

I stretched really well and then showered and tossed on my comfy robe.  Time to refuel!

Coffee, granola and yogurt

Some 2% Fage and chocolate granola!  With extra cranberries on top.  I had (still have!) a huge craving for chocolate today and Sundays are a great time to give in.  Who am I kidding, any time is a great time for chocolate!

Lately Scott and I have been using 2% organic milk + some cane sugar in our coffee in the mornings.  We ran out of creamer and had the milk on hand so used that.  We made a quick stop at the store yesterday and a 1/2 gallon of Meijer organic milk was the same price as a small bottle of Meijer organic creamer. :WTF:

So yeah, we just got the milk instead.  Stretch that buck, right?

Then I chilled it on the couch for a bit while sipping my coffee and eating breakfast.  Eventually I headed over to the kitchen for some dinner prep and to get started on Sunday Breakfast!

New things to try out today!  For Sunday Breakfast we had:


Cider Pumpkin pancakes.  I made these with spelt flour which is new to me.  My first time using it and I have to say I’m pretty pleased with the results.  These pancakes also had cornmeal as well which is why they looked textured.

Pineapple and oranges in yogurt

Fruit salad, and more yogurt for me!  Pineapple and orange slices in Oikos vanilla yogurt.

Apple cider cranberry drink

Fall Mim-Faux-Soas!  Apple cider + cranberry juice + seltzer = delicious

Sunday breakfast

And also some new chicken sausage.  No close up because sometimes a sausage in your face doesn’t look so edible even if it totally is!  These sausages were weird and I probably would not buy them again.  I’ll do a review on them for ya. :D

After breakfast, I did kitchen clean up and a little more prep work.  Scott headed out to mow our beast of a lawn.  Him having a bit of free time and it not raining outside have finally coincided so he was able to mow.  I worked on my Chocolate Zucchini Bread post.

My bellah eventually started rumbling and Rocky was prancing around (i.e. up my butt) wondering where his dinner was.  I fed him and then pulled the chicken out of it’s brine.  I also had a wee snack.

Cheese crackers Cheese crackers, crunchy cheesy goodness.

Occasionally in the huge box of Rocky’s chicken backs, we’ll find chicken legs which is just more chicken for us. :D  We found one yesterday and Scott said he wanted some roast chicken.

No problem my love!

Me cookingWhy do I always look like I’m 8 feet tall compared to my kitchen?  Goodness!  Don’t be jealous of my flannel jammie pants now. ;)

I had some other chicken legs in the freezer so I used those in addition to the stowaway chicken leg from yesterday.  Cider and cranberry juice brined chicken legs roasted in the oven with some root veggies.

Chicken leg


Mashed potatoes and roasted veggies

Mashed potatoes with the roasted veggies which were golden beets, regular beets, and carrots.  With onion and garlic thrown in for flavor and mushrooms tossed in for Scott.

Chicken and veggies

Dinner was fabbo and smelled so good as it was cooking!  I stuck with traditional seasonings for the chicken, poultry, rosemary, garlic and things along those lines.  Mmm mmmm!

I made a fall inspired drink for Scott while dinner was cooking.

Spiced rum + apple cider + cranberry juice.  I had a sip for quality control and it was really tasty!  I have another fall drink in mind for him for some other night as well.  Whee!

Now I’m off to finish last night’s game and hang with my boys.  There is wine in my future!  I bought some pumpkin ice cream from Jeni’s (local ice cream shop) but dang, all this chocolate zucchini bread talk has me wanting that instead! :p

Till tomorrow my pretties!

9 thoughts on “October 4th, 2009: Autumn Celebration

    • Lawgirl, As long as it brightens someone’s day, I’m a happy camper. :lol:

      Thanks Lynn!

      Lauren, Maybe it’s just me, but I’ll all for celebrating everything with food. :p Thanks for the the congrats!

  1. Everything looks delicious!

    I would kill for a kitchen in which I could lord over the countertops. I feel short in mine even though I am really of average height. I have to stand on tiptoes to effectively use the food mill!

    • Rachel, Come to my kitchen and you will rule it! I’m only 5’6″ on a good day. :p

      Diana, I used to get Edy’s or in some places called Dryer’s. But since I can get local I started doing that instead.

  2. Congrats on the awesome 6 miles! :)

    Love all the autmn meals today. Makes fall seem so fabulous when you celebrate the season with amazing eats.

    Have a great day!

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