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Rocky sniffing a boxHey gang!  The blog world is all a chatter with the topic of food blogs and free products.

  • How should food blogs handle product reviews?
  • How should food blogs handle sponsorship?

Are just an example of some of the questions that are popping up.

Today, I’m addressing the product reviews question.

If you’ve been reading my site for any length of time, you know that I love doing product reviews.  I try stuff all the time so I might as well talk about it.

There have only been a handful of times that I’ve received a product in the mail to review for my blog.  And each time that has happened, I have plainly stated that it was sent to me by such and such from such and such company to test out.  I in no way want to mislead you.

If there is no such mention in the review, that means I bought it from a store with my very own money.  Or Scott’s money.  Usually Scott’s money.

My purpose is to be completely honest and up front with you when I do a review.  I’m not trying to keep anything from you.  If I got the item for free, you will know it.

Occasionally I have done product reviews for Bryan over at Cheaplander.  Either he has sent me the product or sent me coupons to go and pick the product up.  When doing reviews for him, I’ve also made that as clear as I could.  I don’t get the information about who he gets the products from therefore, in full disclosure, all I can do is state that I received them from him.

I also do restaurant reviews in my own little way.  I have yet to be invited to a restaurant to test something out or to specifically review them for the blog.  If that ever were to happen, you will know that from the start of the review.  As of right now, when Scott and I dine out, it’s us picking a restaurant and paying our way.  I know some people like to try to hit a restaurant a few times before talking about it.  I’m a first impressions kinda gal.  If I loved it I want you to know.  If I hated it, I’m not going to spend more money there just to check and see before saying something.

If a company who sells products I would not eat or use contacted me for a review I would turn them down.  I’m not going to eat or use something just for the sake of having a review on the blog and getting some free stuff.  There is no point in that.  And if I suddenly were to do a review about eating a big plate of Steak-ums, you all would know something was up real quick because you’re smart ponies like that.

I’m pretty sure you all realize this but just in case, I wanted to make my thoughts and actions clear.

3 thoughts on “OHC on Reviews

  1. Well said. This is exactly the way I write my reviews.

    I have only recently been contacted to receive samples & review products. It is nice, but I would never hide that from my readers. I also won’t hide my opinion. If it sucks, you will know! LOL!


  2. I love reading reviews! I think bloggers should mention when they were contacted to try a product–I always do. But I’ll also review new and new-to-me products I find in the stores, because I know I like reading others opinions of products.

    I feel bad when I’m asked to review a product and I don’t like it, but I don’t lie. I’m not gonna say “oh this is wonderful” just cause I got a product for free. I do feel slightly guilty, but I try and tell it like it is. I think the real problem is when bloggers sugarcoat and give false reviews because they got a product for free.

    • Anne, I feel bad too. I won’t slam a product that I didn’t like if it was sent to me. I will clearly and professionally state that I didn’t dig it or it didn’t appeal to me or whatever and why I didn’t like it. However if it’s something I bought on my own and it’s horrid, then I’ll have a grand time with the negative review. In my opinion, I think that’s only fair.

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