August 19th, 2009: need your tips

Hi guys!  I got the afternoon munchies, I think out of boredom honestly, but I still ate something.

Peanuts and almonds

I snacked on some peanuts and smoked almonds.  Mmmm nuts!  Just a few nibbles while I made dinner.  Scott and I discussed how we have not had spaghetti in a very long time.  Since I don’t really eat too much carbs, pasta isn’t on my radar as much anymore.  Oh sure we have it on occasion, pumpkin mac’n cheese anyone?  But it’s really not my first choice as a meal.  However, Scott totally digs on spaghetti and I thought it was time he had some darn sketti.

Cabbage and tomato sauce

But since I didn’t want it, what would I have?  Well, I really love sautteed cabbage and I love cabbage + tomato sauce.  I happened to have some cabbage that needed used up, so solution solved.  I had some sauteed cabbage with spaghetti sauce on top.  The sauce was super simple sauteed onions, green peppers, zucchini with seasonings.  Added in some crushed tomatoes and a small dollop of tomato paste to make it all delish.

baked sweet potato

I also had a small baked sweet potato on the side with a tiny bit of butter and cinnamon sugar.


Just because I wasn’t having official spaghetti doesn’t mean I don’t get garlic bread.  Thinly sliced whole grain bread with a bit of butter, garlic powder, and Italian seasoning toasted up in the oven.

Sweet potato, bread, and cabbage

Dinner!  I thought the potato and cabbage would be a weird pairing but it worked out really well!  Dinner was tasty but a little heavy and too carb loaded.  I had both slices of bread which for me is a good bit of filler.  Blerg. I don’t feel icky, just weighted down and I don’t like that feeling.  But moving along!

Now I need your advice! On my to-do list for this year is to explore the city more and to meet new people.  But I’m horrible at mingling in large groups.  What are you best tips for mingling and becoming involved in conversations?  How do you handle walking into a crowd of people you don’t know?  Share! :D

10 thoughts on “August 19th, 2009: need your tips

  1. Hey you!

    Have you tried spaghetti squash? I love this stuff and eat it a lot when the fam has spaghetti. Works wonderfully! As a matter of fact, it is on my menu for tonight!

    I get so nervous in large groups. I wish I had some advice for you, but I hope to learn some from your comments! I will get a big dose this weekend as I am meeting some new gluten -free friends in a group. I am so nervous!

    Have a great night!

    • Kim, Yes I have and I lurve it! And you just made me remember that I actually have some in the freezer ready to go! :) In the fall squash rules here at the HQ we love it!

  2. Just because my job has made me very outgoing, I am pretty cool with mingling. However, I will always always always recommend the book How to Work a Room by Susan RoAne. It talks about finding common ground (you’re both at the same function = common ground).

    How about business cards? Those are great conversation starters, too!!

  3. This faux spaghetti dinner looks splendid. I’m not much into the pasta thing either. For me, it’s just to bland. Unless it’s stuffed with something indulgent, I’d rather pass and fill up on more veggies!

    I doubt you are awful at mingling in large groups. You seem so down to earth and full of life, I bet people just adore you hun. But, I would say my best advice is to just be yourself. And go into the situation with some good conversation starters. That always helps when you are able to break the silence.

  4. Hmm that’s a tough one! I guess I would try to ensure it was a place with ppl that shared my common interests: i.e. a book club, foodie event (w/o scott so you can’t cheat and talk to him the whole time :D), or running club?? I have school/classes which are easy ways to meet ppl in my age group that actually give a hoot about intellectual stimulation :D kind of.

    I have a Q for you! I always knew u worked from home…but I was just recently wondering your strategies for NOT snacking/eating the whole cupboard when your bored/stressed/etc?? It’s something I found challenging while i was unemployed and at home all day- so I love hearing other ppl’s experiences. (haha i know how those damn goldfish can call to u from the pantry…) Thanks Andrea!

  5. 1) Always remember that these people could be just as uncomfortable as you. If you speak more, it might ease you both simultaneously.

    2) Ask a lot of questions and really listen. (You are a good listener by the way!) That way you can add in and ask more questions. I find that nerves sometimes get in the way of me “really” listening – and I end up not knowing what to say.

    3) Have a glass of wine. It has to help a little bit, right? At least that first time around.

    Good luck, girly. You’ll do just fine!

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