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Heather of HangrypantsNo review this week gang because I’ve got too much to do and wouldn’t be able to provide the kind of review that you all have come to love. :D  So I bring you June’s Feet on the Street Feature and this month it’s Heather from Hangrypants!! I first stumbled across Heather’s blog because of a comment she left elsewhere.  I hovered my curser over her name so the title of her blog would show up and instantly I was hooked.  I totally knew what Hangry meant because we have all been there.  And Pants?  Scott and I add pants on to everything!  “I’m chilly pants today!” for example.  Loved it and had to see what was going on.  Heather shares her blog with her love Mark, please check it out!

1. You mentioned before that you started running during law school to sort of help break up all the sitting and studying you were doing.  Did you find that along with moving and exercising, it provided you with some alone time for thoughts and reflection, allowing your mind to think about life instead of law?

Oh definitely! Law school is an intense place and I needed something to take me away from there. I chose yoga and running! Sometimes I would go to the on campus gym and run in between classes. A little running before Contracts is the best!
2. Did running come easy to you or did you start off slow and gradually increase your mileage?

Running definitely did not come easy to me. I hated running when I was little and used to tell my gym teacher I was going to have an asthma attack to get out of running laps. I actually did have asthma, but it wasn’t exercise induced. Anyway, the first time I ran on a treadmill was for a grand total of 10 minutes. I worked up to 3 miles and stuck to that for awhile. Then I started playing games on the treadmill and pushing myself. Over time I moved from 3, to 4, then 5, 6 and 7 miles. I knew I could always do just one more mile.
Heather's Running Shoes
3. Talk to me about your shoes!  What brand are they and what type (be specific, are they neutral shoes, stability shoes, for example)?
I am an Asics girl! I’ve had three versions of Asics Gel Cumulus sneakers in a row! Before I researched sneakers I wore whatever was cute and cheap, but then I read an article in Runner’s World about specific types of sneakers for specific types of needs. At the time I was wearing these Nike Free 5.0 sneakers, which were designed to stimulate running barefoot – they were very thin and you didn’t wear socks. I liked them, but they stunk and I wasn’t convinced they were good for the long term. So, I paid attention to my own sneakers and my feet and that’s how I found these.They are pretty neutral and very cushioning. I love how soft and light they are when you first get them!
4. How did you find these shoes?  Did you purchase them from a running store, did someone help you pick them out?
I would love to go to a running store and have my running analyzed for specific shoes. Hopefully, I will do that soon! But for now, I pick ’em out myself. I loved my first pair of Cumulus sneakers so much, that I haven’t strayed in several years.
5. You just ran your first half this month, tell me a little bit about why you decided to run a half and your training for it.  Did you have a schedule made personally for you or did you research and create one yourself?
Yes I did!! Well, I was at a Superbowl party and this girl I went to law school with was talking about running a half in early May. She was not a runner at all and was completely starting from scratch. I knew if she could do it, I could. I am not sure if she ever did hers, but with support and inspiration from many other bloggers, I did mine!!!!  As for training programs, I asked for help from the blogging community, researched online and created my own based on the Hal Higdon Intermediate Half Marathon Training Program. I loved having a schedule. It made me feel so bad a**.
6. Now that race season is in full swing on the East Coast and you’ve got a half under your belt, are you looking to race more this year?  Any new goals that you are pondering and can discuss?
Trying to get the marathon scoop are ya? I have pondered a full marathon, but I think I am going to try to a couple more of the NYRR half marathons in Queens and Staten Island in the fall before I commit to a full.
7. Let’s talk gear, what are some of Heather’s essentials for running?  This can be anything from specific socks to a HRM to headbands.  Things that you don’t run without.
I wish I had better equipment, but I’ve never invested a lot of money in workout clothes and equipment. I have my trusty sneakers. I wear Gap ankle socks, sports bras and cotton ribbed tanks. Well, I wore ribbed tanks until I realized I needed some sweat wicking shirts, which I picked up at Target. I like to wear a hat or head band when running because I am very sweaty and it gets in my eyes. I have a simple Polar F4 HRM, which is not fancy by any means, but was crucial to me when training. I used it on a treadmill at first to check my average HR and calories burned/mile. Then when I went outside, I could pace myself and see how far I’d gone.
8. What’s your favorite color and do you try to get running gear in that color?

My favorite color is yellow, but I don’t have any yellow workout gear! I tend to have a lot of navy and pink. I also have a fabulous white cotton tank with a pink flamingo on it though!
9. You’re headed out for a long run, if you listen to music, what’s going to be on that playlist.

I have an eclectic playlist. I love whatever pop/hip hop is on the radio at the time, like right now I like Day ‘N’ Night (Kid Cudi) and Boom Boom Pow (Black Eyed Peas). But I also like songs that probably aren’t traditional running songs, like Viva La Vida (Coldplay), Better In Time (Leona Lewis) and You Found Me (The Fray) and I always love my angry rock Metallica. I tend to add songs to the playlist rather than replacing them.
Thanks Heather!  Don’t forget to head over to Heather’s website and say hello!

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    • Becky, A lot of workout shirts are made of material that will draw the sweat away from your body to help keep you dry as you’re working out. UnderArmour makes some great ones! And it is very helpful because they are light and when wet don’t get heavy like cotton shirts do.

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