January 31st, 2009: Dinner

HI guys!  Dinner out got kiboshed.  I was way too tired and only wanted to lay down. :p  I pretty much laid in bed most of the day reading.  Which was lovely!

I broke for 1/2 a blueberry Z bar.

blueberry goodness

blueberry goodness

Then after a few more hours we discussed pizza for dinner.  I ended up making us some pita pizzas because we have yet to find a decent pizza place here and I didn’t want to risk being stuck with crappy pizza.

I'm the one in the plaid jammie pants

I'm the one in the plaid jammie pants

We had quite the spread!  There was a pita pizza for me and then morningstar buffalo nuggets, carrot sticks, celery, and cucumber and some ranch dressing made with fage on the side.  And a nice glass of red as we started an old movie. I have a wee crush on Robert Osbourne from TCM. :cheerful:

I had all of my pita, 1.5 nuggets and lots of veggies since those were my first of the day! :o  Now I’m off to kick it on the couch finishing the movie.  Recap tomorrow guys, I promise!

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