TT: Gift ideas and stocking stuffers

stocking stuffers

stocking stuffers

I love the holidays!  It is easily my favorite time of year because it combines things that I love all in one!  There is great food and a time of indulgence.  Awesome drinks and loads of wine.  Plus presents!  I love giving people that I care for gifts.  Taking the time to pick out the perfect gift is time well spent, in my opinion.

And I’m pretty good at the gift giving too!  Scott naturally gets the best of my abilities because he’s my lobster.  My number 1 and I always try to go above and beyond making sure his holiday (and birthday) is super special.

Since we still have a little bit of time before the big day, I thought I would pass along some gift ideas to you.  I’ve seen a few websites do this and decided to toss my hat in the ring as well and hopefully spark some ideas you hadn’t thought of before.

There are two groups of people I know, female athletes and geeks.  So my TT for today is passing along some gift ideas for your fave female athlete or geek, or maybe they are both!

Female Athletes:

A carabiner watch with LED light is handy for clipping on purses or most especially, gear bags.  If you don’t have a watch, it’s a lot easier to grab this to check the time instead of digging around for your cell phone.

Water bottles, there’s really not much more I need to say.  I guess I could add that Sigg water bottles are environmentally friendly, and can take a beating. Us athletes need a rough and tumble water bottle because they get dropped, sweated on, and tossed around in our gear bags.

Socks! An athlete, especially a runner, can never have too many socks.  These athletic socks from Old Navy are awesome.  They fit right at the ankle so they are in line with the running shoe.  They are comfortable with a snug fit that doesn’t slouch, bunch, or rub.  The top part is a thinner weave allowing the foot to breath during activity.  And they come in nice colors.  Great stocking stuffers!

I am a lip balm-aholic and I have no shame in admitting that.  Runners, skiers, climbers, just athletes in general need to protect their lips all year long.  Consider some lip balms for your fave female athlete.

My most favorite thing to do after a great workout and steamy shower is to put on some super comfy clothes.  Recovery clothes is what I call them and they range from pajamas to sweats.  I must admit that pajamas are my favorite, especially pajama bottoms.  A pair of comfy jammie bottoms goes a long way.

Most female athletes are going to track their activity and stats.  I actually don’t think that I know one who doesn’t!  A Heart-Rate Monitor is a great tool for logging workout info.  There are cheaper HRM, this is the one I happen to have and I love it.

If she has an iPod or nano, consider the Nike+ which will help her track runs including distance and pace.  And no, you do not need to have a pair of Nike shoes for it to work.  A shoepouch will hold the sensor no problem.

She has an iPhone? Give an iTunes giftcard and she can purchase whatever running app fits her fancy.


First let me start you off with some websites because it’s just easier that way:

Archie McPhee is one of the best websites ever.  Crazy stuff and lots of perfect things for your favorite geek.  Pirates and Ninjas?  Geeks love them!  This store has lots of perfect stocking stuffers and toys.

ThinkGeek, really do I need to say more?

Got a gamer?  Consider some gamer t-shirts (or hoodies).  There’s a bunch of places that have generic gamer shirts as well, just do a google search and a slew of sites pops up.  Also we need more chick gamer clothes.  Personally I would love a t-shirt or hoodie that said, “Marcus Fenix is my hero”.

Perhaps your gamer is into action figures? Now I just happen to be pointing out Gears of War stuff because I <3 it.  However there is plenty of stuff around for fans of other games as well.  Check out these for example. I admit that I think those would be awesome.

Okay, okay, maybe your geek is into medieval type things.  This place is my favorite for buying those types of items.  They always have sales and they get packages shipped quickly.

Perhaps you have a geek who is into gadgets?  This is a neat little tool to have on hand and perfect as a stocking stuffer.  Just ask Scott, he’s got one! That website also has loads of other nifty gadgets so take a look around!

Is your geek always carting around his/her laptop?  This is a great place to consider messenger and laptop bags.

Do you know a zombie fan?  Try this on for size.  From personal experience this is a fun board game and a great way to spend time with your favorite geek.

Guys, I seriously could go on and on and on.  Hopefully this will spark some ideas for things you can get your favorite female athlete or geek or maybe yourself!  Happy Holidays from OHC!  Now if you’ll excuse me, I have some shopping to do!

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  1. Those are some great ideas — it sounds like Scott is going to have a great Xmas and birthday! I swear, I think we have the same fireplace and tiles around it (with a red wall).

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