December 16th, 2008: Morning

Warm up

Warm up

Hi guys!  I’m not sure what time we got back last night but it was after 10pm by the time we finally sat down on the couch.  It was freezing cold outside.  Like the bitter cold that just slaps you as soon as you walk out.  So I made us some tea.  I used the sugar cookie tea by Celestial Seasonings.   On the plate is a sliced red delicious and some of those almond clusters.  Scott also brought over a small bowl of pistachios (unsalted).  I ate most of the apple and one of the almond squares.  I wanted some pistachios which is why I didn’t have another almond square.  I have to say the tea isn’t all that great.  It’s okay but not quite as smooth as I thought it was going to be.  Much more overly sweet and sort of falls flat when you drink it.

We watched some TV and finished off Heroes.  No more Heroes for a month and a half, BLISS!!!  Is this the last season?  Or are they going to try and keep going even though they can’t write and maintain storylines at all?

It was a little after 11pm and I headed up to bed and read for a bit.  I’m reading Brisinger, the third book in the Eragon series.  Anyone else read those?  I only read for about 15 minutes or so and then fell asleep in my comfy bed.

long lost oats

long lost oats

I got up around 7:30 this morning and quickly checked outside to see nothing at all.  We are under a weather warning advisory until tomorrow for nasty weather I guess.  Snow and ice possibly.  I thought I would be waking up to snow but I guess not.

I got Rocky taken care of and got moving on breakfast.  I made some oats this morning, I haven’t had oats in ages it seems like!  Nothing fancy, just regular oats with a small scoop of protein powder, dark chocolate PB, and some cranberries for mix-ins.

Now I better get moving on my day.  Get my run in before the weather hits, if it does.  Then I have to finish Christmas shopping and do some work.  Catch you later!

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