December 16th, 2008: Lunch and dinner

My heart rate monitor is in the back!

My HRM is in the back!

Hi guys!  I’m pretty much going to flash you my food since the only other thing I did today was shop for presents! :D

I did my run and it was glorious!  The temp was in the low 20s and it was so nice to be out and moving in it.  My new clothes I bought worked out so well!  I wore my tights (which are in fact a little big on me! :o ) and new long sleeve shirt.  The shirt keeps me very warm and because it’s a tight fight, I don’t have to worry about it bunching up in my jacket.  It did ride up a bit though during the run.  I was so toasty I ended up unzipping my jacket a bit. :p

I drank my CS and was back out the door with Rocky.  I didn’t want to wait because I wasn’t sure if and when the weather was going to turn nasty.  We did a mile.

Once back home I showered and put on my gigantic Grinch jammies. Then I took my laptop and headed into the family room to get busy shopping.  All the shopping and looking, and looking, eventually made me hungry.  Lunch ended up being an experiment.  I was going for a burger and fries meal.

Burger & Fries = FAIL

Burger & Fries = FAIL

I sauteed up a Dr. Praeger’s veggie burgers and put the butternut fries in the oven.  I was a little nervous about the burger but it smelled really good as it was cooking so I had high hopes!  I topped it with a little WF BBQ sauce and some of the good cheddar and then placed that on a slice of health nut bread with spinach.

I think I had two bites before I had to call it quits.  While I appreciated the big chunks of veggies, there was an aftertaste going on that I did not like at all.  I couldn’t eat it so I tossed it.  Scott said it was edible so he finished his.  I made a quick salad in its place.

Much better!

Much better!

  • Romaine
  • Spinach
  • Apple
  • Sunflower and pumpkin seeds
  • Pecans
  • Cranberries

Topped with maple balsamic dressing.  Ah, this was much better!  On the side was the rest of the apple and the butternut fries.  I wasn’t feeling the fries either, so weird!  So I just had my salad and apple.  After cleanup I hit the couch for more shopping and I had a piece of cheddar.  I had some leftover that didn’t get put on the burger so I ate it. :D

I’m pretty sure I got everything I was looking for and decided to call it quits for the day.  Since the weather seems finicky and it had been freezing rain for a little bit, we decided to stay home.  Both of us also have some worky and other Christmas related things that need to get done as well.  The holidays ended up being a little busier than we both thought!



Since we weren’t going to class I got started on dinner.  It was just leftovers from yesterday, yum!  I cleared my plate except for a few bites of turkey.  I almost had a piece of bread and butter but decided against it.  If I’m going to consume the extra cals then I want it to be something a little more exciting!

Now I’m off to finish up some stuff around the house and then snugs with my hunnies!


Booty Buster Total (I forgot to do this yesterday!)

3.5 mile run = 3.5 pts

1.0 mile walk = 1 pt

Total = 4.5 pts.

2 thoughts on “December 16th, 2008: Lunch and dinner

  1. Supper looks totally like the sort of food I most enjoy. I love turkey and LOVE carrots too. I made a loaf of wheat bread for supper. It turned out very well. :-)

  2. yaa- a lot of people are into the Dr. P’s, but they just don’t do it for me! That’s soo awesome that u did all your shopping from the comfort of your couch and PJ’s! I need to get on that…

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