December 29th, 2008: Morning

just okay coffee

just okay coffee

Good morning!  So far all I had was coffee and it was only okay.  Today is a big day because we are leaving the house! :p  We are going shopping and also running some errands.  Woo!  Mostly I’m excited about shopping because I’m hoping to find some great deals on winter clothes that are now out of season (isn’t that crazy?!). I would like some jeans and other pants that actually fit me.  And I would like some more shirts to wear.  Basically everything. :lol:

Then it will be time to come home and chill, chill.  Scott and I actually have a “business” meeting today with each other so maybe we’ll do that over dinner.  And I need to get moving and start planning his b-day.  I know we just got done with Christmas but his b-day is in February and I don’t want to get behind like I did for Christmas.  Even though his Christmas actually rocked and I gave some pretty good gifts. :D

Okay guys, I’m off to get moving on the day so we can go shopping!

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