December 28th, 2008: Dinner

Hi guys!  Oh my goodness this will be the shortest post ever I think.  Well maybe my breakfast one will be even shorter. :p

Yesterday I did laundry and Scott decided to play some more Left 4 Dead.  So we did and it frustrated me.  I do okay but it’s the last section of the level that chaps my ass because that is where you are getting rescued and have to fend off swarms of zombies.  In the event you don’t know the game, it’s basically a first-person run and gun game.  You and three others are survivors after an infection takes over and turns people into zombies.  You are immune so the idea is to get from safe house to safe house and then finally to the rescue area to be rescued.  The game is just okay for me.  I like things that are a little more involved than just running and gunning because to me that gets old quick.  Anyways, that is what we did yesterday till it was time for dinner.



And then we got Mexican, hooray!  We haven’t had that in ages.  I have been trying to restructure what I order because I’m trying to keep it as healthy as I can even though it really is an indulgence and thinking on it, I probably should just go with the flow.  Anyway, the place we order from does not have a veggie menu.  Oh let me restate that, it has a “vegetarian” section but it is not really vegetarian.  A refried bean burrito, enchilada, tostada, quesadilla, or variety thereof does not count.  The last time I checked, authentic refried beans are very far off the veggie scale, what with being made with lard and all (ew).  Anywho, this is what was decided on.

I got a chicken tostada because at least there is lettuce involved even if it is iceberg. :p  And I had a small piece of a quesadilla thingie Scott got for his leftover meal, and then I had one nacho chip.  The quesadilla thingie had a lot of sausage in it, so I didn’t eat all of that.  I ate the nacho chip and most of my tostada but not all because that was a lot of food.  Whew!



Of course there was chips and salsa.  And beers!  Because we were watching the UFC fights we taped Saturday night and, well, drinking wine during a UFC fight just seems really out of place.  I only had the one and a few sips of Scott’s second but not enough for picture worthiness.

And at 9pm I headed up to bed. :o  And read till about 11ish and then it was lights out!

Booty Buster Total:

3.5 mile run = 3.5 pts

2 mile walk = 2 pts

Total = 5.5 pts

Okay, so maybe this post wasn’t as short as I thought it was going to be!

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