December 18th, 2008: Morning

go fish

go fish

Good morning guys!  I had a new snack last night while we watched TV.  Whole grain fishies!  Along with some peppermint tea.  I have to say that my first taste of them, I wasn’t too impressed.  They didn’t quite have the salty umph of regular fishies and that’s what I was looking for.  I’m craving salt at the moment. ;)  But they grew on me and now I really like them!  I did not wrap presents, boo on me!  I decided to wait until the rest of my packages arrive, which is today and tomorrow, then I’ll wrap them.

I hit the hay around 10:30pm and read for a bit.  Then it was lights out by 11pm.  Brisingr isn’t really thrilling me too much at the moment.  I know it’s a YA book, but it seems written as simply as possible.

So much for my plans to get up early this morning, it was 10 of 8am again when I crawled out of bed.  I got Rocks taken care of and the deck was still covered with ice.  Grrr!  While I was out with him, I heard the bus go by so I knew school was on a normal schedule this morning, which means the roads must be alright.

I ate breakfast first to give it time to warm up a bit outside, still playing it safe.



Breakfast was the same as yesterday and I made too much.  Didn’t eat that whole bowl, probably left a 1/3 of it.  I haven’t been too hungry in the mornings lately.  Which isn’t odd, sometimes during my salt craving time, my appetite goes way down.  Had breakfast with some coffee and creamer.



I read blogs for a bit trying to get caught up and commenting so you all don’t think I forgot about you! :D  And then I couldn’t take sitting inside anymore and had to get out for a run.  I started my run at 9am, so I was only sitting around for an hour, that shows how much I was jonesing to get outside! :p  I decided I would just run on the road instead of the sidewalk because the road was less likely to be icy.  And it was fine!  I could see small icy patches before I was on top of them so I was able to avoid them easily.  Hooray!

It felt so nice to be outside again and running.  It is amazing how bummed out and actually a little cranky I get when I cannot get out to run.  This amazes me!  Considering I only started running in July, I never thought I would be one who would love it.  Running was a necessary evil for me, I knew I wouldn’t lose weight or build up my conditioning if I didn’t run.  Now I’m at the stage where I can’t not run.  Being outside and running is such an energizing feeling for me.  It’s the time to myself where I can think about other things, make plans, think of blog entries, decide on menus and anything else that needs my focus.  Plus I’m kicking ass because when you run, that’s exactly what you’re doing, kicking some ass. :D  So many people have told me how “hardcore” I must be because I’m running in the cold and I think they might think I’m being flippant or something when I mention that it’s not a big deal.  Which is not how I mean to sound.  When you have the proper gear and find out what works with you and your body, you can run in any weather.  It really isn’t a big deal.  And I prefer the cold.  It is so much more refreshing and invigorating.  The heat, especially if it’s humid outside, can almost seem like a barrier that I am running through.  A resistance that I don’t need.  Plus when it’s hot, you start sweating right away even if you aren’t doing anything.  In the cold, if I sweat that means I’m working it!

Okay, sorry for the tangent!  I just feel really good after my run today! :lol: I did 3.5 miles and almost ran past my house!  During the last half I picked up my pace and was running along nicely thinking about I don’t even remember what, and realized I was at my driveway already!  Oh I guess I better stop. :p

I came back in and had my CS, then headed upstairs to shower.  Rocky’s walk will be later.  My shower was awesome and now I’m in some comfy sweats ready to tackle the day.

2 thoughts on “December 18th, 2008: Morning

  1. Camtim42 says:

    People tell you that you’re hardcore because You ARE hardcore! You’re not one of those runners who thinks you’re not a runner are you? ;-)

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