December 17th, 2008: Lunch and dinner

Hi guys!  I flip-flopped so much about whether to go running or not.  The weather is so weird that it has thrown me for a loop!  I was taking so long to make a decision it was lunch time and I was hungry.

messy wrap...

messy wrap...

Only a semi-veggie day today because ever since I pulled the turkey out of the freezer, I have been dreaming of using it in a wrap!  So that’s what I did today, a nice turkey wrap with romaine and salsa.  Oh so yum!  Because my wrap is huge I knew I didn’t need much else in the way of lunch, so on the side is some clemmies.  I had almost all of my wrap and 1 clem.

After lunch and cleanup, I decided I would take Rocky for his walk and test the waters that way.  Oh it was slippery in some spots and fine in others.  I did okay walking but we took it super slow.  Only one time where I almost bit it, otherwise everything was cool.  But oh so cold!  Because we’ve had rain and then ice and then it’s been going back and forth between the two, it is extremely damp outside.  Add in the cold and you get a recipe for the type of cold that no matter how many layers you have on, you feel it because it goes right through you down to your bones.  BRRR!

Since it was still slippery, I passed on running,  I probably could have run on the road, that would have been less icy, but that just seemed too risky to me.  I figured one day off of running is better than running on ice with the potential to get injured because if I got hurt, then I would be off running for who knows how long!

While we were on the walk it would start raining and then it would snow, then back to rain.  Once home, I told Scott that if we are going to the grocery store today then we better get moving because the weather is acting all weird.  The last thing I wanted was to get stuck while we were out and it taking us a long time to get back home.

We shopped till we dropped and I stocked up on veggies and plenty of stuff to see us through the new year.  Actually I’m hoping it lasts even longer than that! :p  When we got home and got everything put away, I immediately started in on dinner.  Veggie chili!



It was the perfect weather for it and I was determined to have at least one veggie meal today.  While that was cooking I sipped on a summer ale and had some new multi-grain chips from FoodShouldTasteGood.  I had 1 and seriously these things rock!  So yummy!  I had a few sips here and there of Scott’s Christmas Ale.  I’m trying to decide if I like it or not.  My summer ale was not a full bottle, some of that went into the chili. :D



I had a small bowl of chili, 1 slice of bread with butter, and 2 more chips with dinner.  Scott made a comment about my bowl of chili and how wee it was.  To give you an idea, here’s a His & Hers pic.

His & Hers

His & Hers

Scott’s big meal is dinner and this is a typical example of our portions.  If you are serving Scott dinner you better bring it, because the man is hungry and wants to eat!  He’ll eat whatever you give him, just make sure it’s a decent amount. :lol:  I wasn’t terribly hungry and I knew I wanted to snack later tonight so I saved some of my cals.  Plus I didn’t run today so no sense on crazy eating, that will only bring trouble.

Two happy things today!

1. I got business cards from, how cool is that?!  They are wee and very cute.  I was thinking of making some business cards for the blog and now I have some to hold me over.

2. One of my packages came today!  Hooray!

I’m thinking of wrapping gifts tonight and getting that started, so I won’t have to do it all at once later.  The week is almost over and I still have lots to do!

I’m off to get that sorted out. :p  See you tomorrow!

Booty Buster Total:

1 mile walk = 1pt

Total = 1pt

Man I am slacking and lagging behind!

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