November 30th, 2008: Morning

Last day of November!  Hooray!!  Although I do feel like we are flying through the holidays.  Wasn’t is just Halloween?

Scott poured us another glass of wine while we watched the Pens game from Friday night.  I also snacked on 5 more of those almond things. :O  Okay, I got my little splurge in, now it’s time to seriously monitor the intake.  The problem being they are the perfect size to just pop in your mouth.  But mark my words, I am going to watch my eating of them.  Sure I’ll have them and maybe even everyday since they seem to be my new crack but two at most, not five.  Goodness!

I hit the hay around 11pm and was O-U-T out.  When I sat down on the couch last night, “UMPH” my body said.  It was worn out!



I got up this morning at 8am, thanked Rocky for letting me sleep in a bit and then got the day started.  I was unsure if I was going to run this morning only because my body was sore last night.  I didn’t know if it needed a break or not.  I sat down with my first try of the Oikos in blueberry.  Along with morning coffee + peppermint creamer, and 1/2 a PB Z bar.  The Oikos was very good!  And for 0% fat it had a nice taste to it.  I don’t care for the 0% Fage so I was a little unsure going into this but it turned out well.  The blueberry gave it nice sweetness without it coming across as too sweet or sugary.  The PB Z bar followed and was such a weird contrast going from sweet and creamy to dense and less sweet.  As much as I love PB I don’t think the Z bar flavor does it for me.

After sitting on my butt for an hour I decided to head out and do my run.  Today is the last day for the Pile on the Miles challenge and I had to get something in!  I just ran an easy 2.5 miles but half way through bumped up my pace and put my HR into the 170s.  I maintained that all the way home.  YaY!  I was so glad to get out and run!  I only needed one pair of pants and my hoodie + toboggan.  Whee!  Can’t believe the warm weather.

CS Quiz!

CS Quiz!

I drank my CS and was back out the door with Rocky.  I debated on taking him because on days when I can walk him with Scott, I would rather do that.  I’m trying to get Scott out and about more.  He exercises but it’s only MT and SF (which I don’t even count SF as working out really).  He doesn’t run with me (even though he should!) and most times I walk Rocky by myself.  Anyway, being Sunday I thought we could take him together later this afternoon.  However, the forecast says rain and snow today.  While it wasn’t raining when I was out, it felt like it was going to start raining soon, so I decided to take Rocks just in case.

Good thing I did!  It started raining halfway through our walk and we were already past the place where we could have cut the walk short, so we had to power through it.  It was miserable but we got home just before it really started pouring.  It would be lovely if it started snowing as I was decorating. :D

Pile on the Miles

Guys I can’t even begin to say how glad I am that I participated in this!  I knew from the start that there was no chance of me winning.  I don’t run nearly as far as the other girls who are also participating but for me it wasn’t about winning the challenge, it was just about the challenge itself.  It was such a great motivator!  There were days when I didn’t want to get out of bed, yet I knew that if I didn’t, that was a day lost and miles lost, so I got out of bed.  It pushed me to finally find that 3-mile route and run it, which turned into 3.5 miles!  And now I know I can run 3.5 miles.  Yeah, I might be slow, and it might take me 45 minutes to run that but I’m still doing it and I can do it.  That’s a really great feeling.  If I can run 3.5 then I know I’ll be able to make it to 6.0 miles and then finally to 13.0 miles.  I can do it!

Thanks Bobbi for such a great contest!  It would be awesome to keep something similar going till the new year to keep us all motivated through the holidays. :D

Here are my miles since Nov. 8th:

Nov 9th -2.4
11th – 2.4
12th – 2.4
13th – 2.4
14th -2.4
16th -2.4
18th – 2.4
19th, – 2.4
21st – 2.4
23rd – 2.5
25th – 3.5
26th – 3.5
27th – 3.5
29th – 2.5
30th – 2.5

TOTAL = 39.6 miles :woohoo:

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  1. I am so PROUD!!! I love doing this contest too, it was so fun I loved hosting such a great group of girls, I am considering doing another Challenge to kick of the new year!!! love the fritatta! Kinda looks like myu bfast this morning:)

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