October 28th, 2008: Morning

Morning guys!! After posting last night, I went over my order at Nike and showed Scott what I was getting. I searched and searched and searched, finally deciding that Nike had the best hoodies and jackets. They had everything I was looking for plus some bonus features, like pockets for MP3 players and built in mittens. I originally chose a hoodie and a pair of cold weather running pants that were on clearance. I had my eye on a running jacket for winter that I would get if my other purchases worked out. Then we got this super cold weather that blew in and I decided to just go ahead and get it. I was wincing at the price because holy cow did you know running gear isn’t cheap? I bet you did. I was unprepared for that and a little grumpy about it (why am I paying so much for something I’m going to sweat in?!) Before I finalized the purchase, Scott found me a 20% off coupon that I was able to use. Made the total a little more tolerable. Although I was charged tax, what’s up with that?! I made my purchase and am awaiting its arrival.

After I did that, I decided to just go straight up to bed and read. It was 9pm and I was wiped out. I debated on having some fruit first since I didn’t have any all day, but decided bed was better. :p I read for an hour and was asleep by 10pm, woo!

I was bound and determined to run this morning. I didn’t care what it was like out or how cold, I was running. Take that Mo’ Nature! I got out of bed and stumbled into the athletic room to change. I have a pair of thick fleecy pants that are technically mens pj bottoms but they look like regular pants, I put those on. I put on my long-sleeved running shirt, my hat, and then this huge fleece pullover jacket. I got it for running years ago, it was on clearance at Old Navy. It’s mens XL. It is huge on me now but at this stage I didn’t care.

Orange for Halloween

Orange for Halloween

Then I was out the door. Today was also the first day I got to use my RoadID stuff! I had my shoe pouch on and I clipped on one of the LED lights to the bottom of my jacket. I only wore one because I wanted to make sure it stayed on and didn’t want to risk losing two of them. After a quick stretch I started my run and I must say those little lights are bright! I had it on my left hip because that’s the side that faces the road as I run. I figured no matter which way they were driving, cars should be able to see my light. That little light, when it flashed, the flash extended all the way out into the street! There’s no way someone wouldn’t be able to see that!

I did my two miles and decided to just do a pace run since it has been so long since I last ran. I did really well keeping my HR in the upper 160s low 170s the whole time. I was curious how the shoe pouch was going to work out, I thought that it might impede my foot by not allowing it to bend fully until it got broken in a bit. That wasn’t the case at all. In fact I couldn’t even notice that I had it on my shoe. I was really pleased with that as well.

Once back home I opened a new container of CS and had my post-run drink. Yum! Then I was back out the door for Rocky’s walk.

Hooray, oats!

Hooray, oats!

I switched jackets and put on a different fleecy zip-up. This one wasn’t as warm. Ooo that wind was cold! I decided on a slightly shorter walk this morning due to the fact I didn’t wear the proper attire. It was still a 20 minute walk which isn’t that bad. We may be able to head back out again if it warms up a little.

I debated on whether or not to do some Wii yoga and decided I better, otherwise it might yell at me. It did yell at me a little when I logged on! I did some quick yoga stretches unlocking two new poses. I did about 16 minutes of stretching. Then it was time for breakfast which meant time for oats! I haven’t had oats in so long! My oat bowl this morning:

  • 1 C of vanilla soymilk
  • 1/2 C of quick oats
  • 1 banana mashed
  • pinch of salt, cinnamon, and brown sugar

Mix-ins were 1/3 C of homemade granola and a spoonful of dark chocolate PB. I added the brown sugar this morning because the banana was still a little under ripe. The brown sugar did the trick though.



Have to use my Halloween dishes when I can since this is the last week of October! :ghost: My oats with morning coffee + creamer. After breakfast I woke Scott up and hit the shower. He almost got a big wake-up with me jumping on the bed but I decided to be nice and let him wake up all nice and easy. :p

Big plans for today! I need to do some food prep, finish laundry, work on next month’s calendar, and finalize the menu for Friday night. See you guys later! :witchy:


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