TT: Freeze veggie trimmings

Save those ends!

Save those ends!

Remember when we talked about taking the time to prep veggies? Well don’t just throw those trimmings away! They can be saved and used at a later time for lots of different things.

I keep a freezer bag in my freezer and then as I prep veggies I can toss the trimmings in the freezer bag. I keep celery, broccoli, and asparagus ends. The ends can get tossed in soups, stocks, gravies, and sauces when you want to add some extra flavor. Right before serving just remove the trimmings.

You can also use the ends to stuff into chickens for roasting, or just add to the roasting pan for extra flavor.

Green pepper tops are also good to keep and freeze. Parmesan rinds and other hard cheese rinds can be frozen and added to sauces and soups as well. The same rule applies, remember to remove the item right before serving.

As everyone is trying to make life a little greener while also trying to get the most for our money, this is a great way to extend the life of your veggies by giving them another purpose. Before tossing the ends right into the compost pile, let them work for you a little more. We love our veggies, right?! So let’s use the whole thing and save those trimmings for later!

5 thoughts on “TT: Freeze veggie trimmings

  1. Good idea! I too have been hungry before and hate throwing away pepper stems and other veggie trimmings. I always trim the smallest part off I can, I didn’t even think about using them for stock. Especially with winter here, I’m really excited to do this. Thanks!

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