September 6th, 2008: Morning

Morning guys! No pictures of last night’s dinner. Boo. I decided not to even ask them if they minded. I’m still a little gun shy about blogging and I wasn’t ready for that leap of virtual meets real world just yet. We went out for Korean food and I don’t mind telling you I was nervous. I was wondering what I was going to eat because I thought it was going to be all spicy food. I can only handle a little bit of spicy hot stuff otherwise my mouth just gets on fire and all the joy of eating is gone.

We arrived at the restaurant a couple of minutes before our friends and as I was flipping through the menu all I kept seeing were things I don’t eat. Sushi? Don’t eat it. Pork belly and squid? No thank you. Hot and spicy soups, hot and spicy noodles, and hot and spicy everything else.

Crap. Our friends don’t eat spicy food so I was going to rely on them for suggestions. Both of them ended up having beef dishes. I try to avoid eating beef out because I don’t know where it came from and I would much rather have organic, free of everything, pasture fed, free range beef. That’s hard to find. Actually I would rather have that of any meat I eat but am more willing to compromise on chicken.

I ended up ordering a chicken dish and asked if I could get that not spicy. The waitress was not happy about my asking and at first wasn’t going to do it but then for whatever reason, she changed her mind. Our food arrives with lots of little dishes of different styles of kimchi, some sort of marinated tofu, and marinated cucumbers.

My chicken dish ended up being very good but was still spicy. Not over powering but it would build up and I would have to take a break. I had about half of my dish over 3/4 cup of rice. I had a bit of each of our friend’s dishes. They asked and I thought if I didn’t it would seem rude. I also had two bites of Scott’s dish which was some sort of hot braised chicken and it was very yummy. I had two helpings of the marinated cucumbers (which were wee, so total it might have been like 1/4 of a cucumber) because they were so garlicy and awesome. I tried the tofu and didn’t care for it. I did not have any kimchi because it all looked like it had some hot pepper paste on it so I avoided it. We also had as a starter, a small order of edamame which we didn’t finish. It was just okay, but truthfully, we both like my version of edamame better. On the way out the door, there was a basket of Dum-Dum lollipops, I had a blue raspberry one. They are so wee, I think it lasted me maybe 5 minutes.

After dinner we headed over to TJ Maxx which was right across the street. I love their housewares section. They have a huge variety and it’s all cheap (at least at our store). They had their fall stuff out and I got the cutest stuff for Halloween! That stuff should be popping up in pics soon!

I didn’t want to eat too much of my dinner because I wanted some ice cream but on the way home I started to get hungry. Like not just snack hunger but actual I want something substantial hunger. I had some water when we got home hoping I was just thirsty and then we sat down to watch a movie.

Just had one

Just had one

During the movie I had one Sam Adam’s Summer Ale. After the movie I was still hungry and ice cream wasn’t going to cut it.

Gala apple

Gala apple

I had one cut up gala apple and some all-natural peanut butter. As I was eating it and watching the Daily Show, Scott sneaked over and took a piece. He only had one because I think he noticed my growl as he snatched that piece off my plate. I was hungry darn it! After that I went to bed.

Since that didn’t fully satisfy me, I was starving when I got up this morning. I couldn’t wait to sit down to breakfast!



I made a big bowl of granola. One chopped banana, slightly more than 1/2 cup of granola, and four scoops of vanilla yogurt. I skipped the raisins and cranberries today.

hunger fighter

hunger fighter

Plus a cup of coffee and creamer. Now I finally feel full! I’m off to get ready for MT this morning. Scott and I have errands to run this weekend (boo!). Hopefully we get some nice down time. See you later!

3 thoughts on “September 6th, 2008: Morning

  1. Heather says:

    Korean food is pretty spicy. I’m surprised your friends wanted to eat there if they don’t eat spicy food. And good call on not getting the kim chi – again spicy. In Canada you get Juicy Fruit gum with your bill (do you have Juicy Fruit there?) Apparently in the Korean War Canadians used to hand that out to the people.

  2. Well the wife half of our friends is Korean. LOL Scott said the kimchi wasn’t too hot but I wasn’t going to risk it. Yes we have Juicy Fruit gum! I like it for about two minutes then all the flavor is gone. :D

  3. Heather says:

    oh well that explains it.

    And re: Juicy fruit – yeah that’s the evilness of the gum. Then you must have another piece to get the yummy taste back and cycle repeats. LOL

    Although the Powerbar Powergels taste just like juicy fruit gum.

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