September 5th, 2008: Lunch

Hey guys! Look at what we picked up yesterday at WF. :D



This is my very favorite pumpkin beer! It’s very pumpkin pie spicy but not sweet, savory. It’s so yummy! I may have to stick some in the fridge to start chilling.

Easy day since it’s Friday, I just had leftover pizza for lunch.



Reheating it in the oven made the crust even more crunchy/chewy. I didn’t eat all the crust though, had to save Rocky some pieces.

A new project came in so I worked a bit this morning and a bit after lunch. I wrapped up a part of it today. Hooray! I was still feeling like I needed more water plus I was a little hungry. So I had a bowl of frozen grapes.

Favorite Snack

Favorite Snack

This has become my new addiction. Berries and grapes don’t last long for some reason and always turn bad quickly. I saw on another blog that someone froze theirs. Duh! Of course I could do that and have been doing it since. It’s the best treat. Since they are frozen and hard, you have no choice but to eat them slowly. The inside turns really creamy and since they are sweet it’s almost like a frozen treat or dessert. The skins give them a nice little chew at the end. Bliss! Plus they last forever frozen, no worries about them going bad too quickly anymore!

I got a new cookbook in the mail yesterday, Last Dinner on the Titanic. I discovered this book via another food blog called Dragon’s Kitchen. This book is amazing so far and I’ve just glanced at it. There are historical pictures and information about the chefs and dining rooms. Plus menus for each level (first class didn’t eat the same as third class) and their recipes. I can’t wait to try this out!

Tonight we’re trying out a new Korean restaurant with some friends. I’ve never had Korean food before so this will be an experience. I don’t know if I’ll get pics or not, it might weird our friends out. I’ll have to play it by ear. Happy Friday!

2 thoughts on “September 5th, 2008: Lunch

  1. Heather says:

    LOL I can imagine getting pictures of the food at a restaurant. Too funny. Although I know people who do that. ;) Every year I hear you talk about the pumpkin beer! I just can’t even imagine it – I don’t even like the pumpkin spice latte at Starbucks. LOL

  2. Really?! Do you like other pumpkin stuff? I love the pumpkin latte! LOL I’ve been keeping a look out for the pumpkin spice coffee creamers but haven’t seen any yet.

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