Whole 30 Days 8 & 9

Hi all!  We need to get caught up! I feel like it’s been a while since we’ve chatted. Still going strong on the Whole30 train and I feel amazing!  And tired, oh so tired.  But we’ll talk about that later this week.

Ok, let’s get caught up.


Scrambled eggs and sweet potato

Once back from the gym I had some scrambled eggs and a baked sweet potato.  I put ghee on top of the sweet potato.  It’s not the same as butter but it gets the job done. Also frothy coffee with coconut oil + collagen.

chicken salad, veggies, plantain chips

Lunch was supposed to be a salad but my salad greens turned (grrrr!) so I had some chicken salad with peppers, cucumbers, and plantain chips.  Snack while at work was some clementines.

Kielbasa and kale soup

Dinner was some soup that I put in the slow cooker before leaving for work.  Kale, kielbasa, onion, cubed potatoes, and homemade chicken stock.  So good and so perfect!

I went to bed right after dinner and read for a bit then it was lights out at 9pm.


Before hitting the gym I had three dried plums.

Scrambled eggs and sweet potato

Once I got home, as I was waiting on my breakfast to heat up I had one slice of bacon.  Breakfast was scrambled eggs with a bit of sausage, peppers, and onions.  On the side was a baked sweet potato.  Frothy coffee, same as Monday.

Lunch was a smoothie.


I know, but breakfast was filling and late so I didn’t feel like much lunch.  While I know that Whole30 does not want smoothies to be a part of the program and really doesn’t want one drinking their veggies and fruit, for me it’s a grey area. It helps me get in more greens and fruit for the day.  There’s no protein powder or anything weird in my smoothies so I feel comfortable including them.  I didn’t take a picture because we all know what smoothies look like.  This one was a basic smoothie for me:

  • 2.5 C Water
  • 2 Large Handfuls of Greens
  • 1.5 Frozen Bananas
  • 1/2C Frozen blueberries

Sometimes I’ll add in collagen if I haven’t had any in coffee.  This smoothie is enough for both Scott and I have to have some.  I also had a small handful of pork rinds. Mmmm.

Dinner was leftover soup from yesterday and it was delicious!

I placed an order with The Simple Grocer to get some Pederson’s meat products.  Their bacon, hams, and sausages are all sugar free and Whole30 friendly.  So far I’ve had the regular pork belly bacon, shoulder bacon, kielbasa, and breakfast sausage.  So freaking good!  The pork belly bacon is on the thin side and Scott and I smashed through a whole package in one sitting a few weeks back. Just a heads up if you’re used to thick center cut bacon.

The kielbasa is tasty and like the kielbasa that I’m used to.  The breakfast sausage is delicious!

If you’re doing Whole30 or looking to just cut back on added sugar, I would highly suggest checking out these products.

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