Monday Drama

Hi gang! Sorry I sort of went MIA for a few days. I was running errands and getting caught up on holiday shenanigans. Yesterday was spent dealing with Miss Penny and the vet.  Ugh.  But I’ll get to that in a second.


Breakfast was super quick and not photogenic, a ham and egg in a gluten free wrap.  I love these wraps, they taste awesome but they aren’t really great for making things like burritos.  They break up and fall apart.

Ham and egg on gluten free wrap

Super quick meal because I needed to get Penny to the vet.  While I was at work on Sunday, she was out running around and ripped a nail pretty badly.  Scott was able to get the bleeding to stop and bandaged up her foot. That was the best that could be done since the vet was closed on Sunday.

This morning I called and told them what happened and they wanted to see her as soon as possible.  I got her over there where I had to leave her so she could be sedated and her nail cleaned up and trimmed.

After I dropped her off, since I was out anyway, I decided to run a few errands.  I picked up a few gifts for people, did some light grocery shopping, and got a rib roast for Christmas dinner.  Plus some bubbly for kicks!

Sushi and dumplings

Lunch was easy and quick because I was waiting on the vet to call and let me know when I could pick up my girl.  Shrimp and avocado sushi with sriracha mayo and a few pork dumplings on the side.  I ate mostly the insides of those.

Finally was able to go and pick up Penny who was still pretty stoned and shaking off the effects of the sedative.   I got her settled on the couch and called my mom to chat for a bit.  Then I heated up dinner.


Leftover chili that has pork, beef, black beans, sweet potato, and pumpkin puree along with salsa for a base. I made this in the slow cooker on Sunday and made a big batch of it.

After dinner, I had a few cookies and some wine while watching TV with Scott.  We finished up Luke Cage which just left me frustrated at the show.  I like the show but the last two episodes definitely turned me off a bit.  After that I hit the hay and read for a bit.  I’m currently reading, The Paleo Athlete, by Stephanie Gaudreau.  It’s OK.  Have you read it?  I’m struggling with how to eat better to preform in the gym and for running so I’m trying to read as much as I can.  I’ll provide more thoughts once I finish the book but right now I’m just alright with it.


GYM TIME!  Gah I have been missing the gym like crazy!  After the gym, I was starving so I made a jam packed yogurt bowl.

Yogurt Bowl

  • 2% Fage
  • Homemade Granola
  • Chocolate Chips
  • Dried Cranberries
  • Sprouted Pumpkin Seeds
  • Chia Seeds

And some black coffee on the side.  The rest of the morning I was on the couch with Penny.  We need to keep an eye on her so she doesn’t lick her bandage on her paw.  I did some blog stuff and some holiday shopping.  Then I went in the kitchen for a bit to do some food prep.

Lunch was an easy hodgepodge of stuff:

Veggies and dumplings

Leftover roasted potatoes, some chicken wantons, and blanched broccolini dressed with lemon juice, olive oil, and Flavor God Lemon Garlic seasoning.

The broccolini is an easy veggie to prep ahead and have ready to go when you need a quick veggie.  Costco will sometimes have large bags of them so I’ll blanch up the whole bag and dress it.  Then reheat it throughout the week for a quick side.

After lunch, I did some more holiday shopping online and then started dinner prep. Dinner hit the craving spot tonight!

Salmon, asparagus, cauliflower grits

Roasted asparagus, baked salmon with a chili garlic and soy sauce topping, plus cheddar cauliflower grits.  Mmmm!

Now it’s time to chill for a bit and watch some hockey. Till tomorrow!

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