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FlipBeltThe folks at FlipBelt reached out to me and asked if I would sample their product for a review.  It was timely because I just happened to be looking for something I could wear while running and walking the dogs that would hold keys and my phone.

I have a phablet size phone (Samsung Note 4 and it’s awesome) and finding a holder has proved challenging.  I didn’t really want an armband but was struggling to find something that would fit my needs.

FlipBelt to the rescue!

It’s a band that you wear around your waist and it has pockets that go along the length of the band.  You can slide your phone in there, keys, or snacks, flip the belt over and everything is secure.

Right now I am “curvy” and I actually have junk in my trunk, so I was curious how the FlipBelt would do with a frame like mine.

I have been running with the FlipBelt for about 3 weeks at this point and it has preformed quite nicely.  It does ride up on me a little and ends up around my waist. If I try to keep it down around my hips it does not stay there.  It will roll and twist a little if I try and keep it down around my hips.

This is a me issue and not a FlipBelt issue.  Like I said, I actually have an ass which prevents the FlipBelt from being able to stay around my hips.

That said, I have no issue with it being on my waist.  It is not uncomfortable and I don’t even notice it when I’m running or walking the dogs.

Like I mentioned before, I have a huge phone and this accommodates that just fine.  It’s bulky but I expected that. When you have a phablet sized phone you can’t really expect it to not be bulky.

I also appreciated that there is a little key fob provided as well to keep keys secure.  I definitely utilize this feature every run.

I don’t put ID or credit cards/cash in the FlipBelt.  I have shoe pouches for those types of things.  I use the FlipBelt primarily for my keys and phone.

The material of the Flipbelt is not itchy or uncomfortable.  It’s really stretchy so definitely check out the sizing chart to make sure you get the right size for you.  I have a medium and it’s perfect.

It’s easy to put on, it’s secure, and it’s comfortable.  What more can you ask for in a gear belt?  If you’re curvy make note that you will probably be wearing it around your waist and not your hips.

If you are in the market for something to hold your phone, keys, and snacks while running or hiking, definitely check out the FlipBelt.  It will suit your needs and you won’t be disappointed.

Disclaimer: The Flipbelt was sent to me to sample and review.  All opinions are my own and I was not further compensated for this post.

2 thoughts on “Review: FlipBelt

  1. Really great to know! I won’t go out without my phone. For safety, not connection. A dog bite and the need to call Dan to pick me up secured that I need it with me, but something that doesn’t bounce is essential. I can’t stand any bouncing gear when I run! And now that bigger phones are the norm, it so hard to find something that works. I don’t do armbands either. Will have to check these out.

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