Snowy Day Weekend Breakfast

Grits, egg, green chili, and roasted potates After sharing with you how breakfast is a little different out this way, I finally had homemade green chili for breakfast this past weekend.

Fort Collins was supposed to get hit with a strong snow storm starting Friday evening and last all day Saturday. As with most weather predictions, this was completely unreliable news.

It started snowing early Saturday morning and it was coming down pretty heavily. I decided this would be the perfect time for a hearty comforting breakfast!

This isn’t for the faint of heart and isn’t one that you would eat daily but man it’s a nice treat once in a while.

Cheddar grits topped with a fried egg and smothered in green chili.  With a side of roasted potatoes, this will fuel you through a winter storm for sure!

What delicious thing did you eat this weekend?

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