Childhood Sandwiches

Ham sandwichI’m not big on sandwiches.  They just aren’t something that appeal to me.

However I sometimes get cravings for a nice big sandwich and then nothing will do until I get one.

The past few weeks I’ve wanted nothing but sandwiches.  Not just any sandwich though, certain sandwiches from my childhood.

First up was a ham sandwich with homemade mayo and chips on top.

That’s right, chips.

They have to be plain chips though.  Nothing fancy and nothing flavored.  Some folks might do flavored chips but for me, it’s got to be plain.

Have you ever eaten your sandwich that way? I love it!   I introduced Scott to this delicious twist on a ham sandwich and he digs it too.

Chips for all!

Sometimes I like to get down and dirty.  That means I want a sandwich that’s going to make a mess and probably get all over my face.  We’ve had one of those as well.

Ham BBQHam BBQ sandwich!  Ridiculously messy, sloppy, but very tasty and worth the mess.  This was made with a homemade BBQ sauce and that recipe will be posted later this week!

The only other sandwich missing from my childhood is a hot pepperoni sandwich.  Sandwich pepperoni, a slice of cheese, all on a bun and heated up in the oven until the cheese is melted.


We may have to bust that one out soon.  What are your favorite sandwiches from childhood?


7 thoughts on “Childhood Sandwiches

  1. Monica says:

    I not like Subway type sandwiches at all.
    I love to put plain chips on my sandwiches. Try it on a good tuna or chicken salad. it is the bomb diggity.
    I just printed a receipe for hot sandwiches that you can make ahead and freeze then heat when needed. What a wonderful idea for my new schedule. I can make ham, roast beef and turkey.
    Guess it is a samwich day!! :)

  2. I’m totally with you on this: 90% of the time I could care less about sandwiches. But when I do want one, I want to make it worth that 10% and go all-out in sandwich-making mode.

  3. Oh I love sandwiches. I could probably live off them – so versatile and portable! I don’t have any childhood favourite sandwiches as fancy as yours though. I had tuna sandwiches more often than I probably should have (and I’m sure I’ve consumed more than my share of mercury due to this). I also have a fond place in my heart for a bacon sandwich, with mayo and ketchup on toasted bread. My grandparents would make me this every once in awhile.

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