Changing Breakfast Tastes

Chicken and BiscuitsThe thing that I love most about moving to different regions of the US, is learning about the little differences each region has when it comes to food.

I’ve noticed that the west definitely likes meat with breakfast.  Oh sure you’ll see bacon or breakfast sausage on the menu but that isn’t really what I’m talking about.  What you’ll also see is a variety of other pork options as well.

Pork seems to be top choice, everything from pork chops to tamales.  Pork green chili is always an option at breakfast and every place that serves breakfast has it on the menu.

I have fallen in love with this style of breakfast.  Pork tamale with scrambled eggs smothered in pork green chili is freaking heaven on a plate.

It didn’t take me long to adopt this breakfast style and start incorporating it into our breakfasts here at home.

When I want a hearty breakfast, I really like the idea of adding in some sort of protein that isn’t always sausage or bacon.

Shredded pork tacos make a great breakfast.  At first you might think it a little odd to pair that with coffee and OJ, but trust me when I say that it works.

Last week we had chicken and gravy over biscuits for breakfast and that was a damn good breakfast.

Of course this isn’t something I eat everyday for breakfast. Just on the weekends when we have a little bit more time and freedom to enjoy the morning.

A couple weekends ago I made pork green chili for the first time.  I’m still fiddling with the recipe but am on the right track.  I portioned it out for leftovers.  One big container to have as a meal and one small container to use with weekend breakfasts.

Pork green chili on top of roasted potatoes? I’m pretty sure I know what we’re having for breakfast this weekend. Now if I could just find some tamales.

2 thoughts on “Changing Breakfast Tastes

  1. I’m all for seafood with breakfast – nice smoked salmon, or a seafood stuffed savory crepe. But that’s my west coast showing, I’m sure. If I liked eggs, I would be all over the array of seafood eggs bennys you can get at various restaurants around here.

    All that being said, there is a local diner here in Vancouver (which was actually featured on DDD) that does a pulled pork pancake stack with Jack Daniels maple syrup which is amazing! I highly recommend pulled pork with pancakes, if you are looking for another pork breakfast option.

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