Elevated Pizza

I’m still getting used to the lighting in our new digs which means I’m still getting used to taking pictures in the kitchen.  Please bear with me as I get adjusted to things.

This is the best pizza picture I’ve got for this week.

This week I was finally able to make pizza!  The previous weeks we’ve been running around completing errands or I didn’t have my stuff yet, so I was unable to make pizza at home.

This week I had everything; my stuff and plenty of time!

I was curious how making pizza at elevation would turn out.  I read and researched as best I could so that I would be prepared.

When dealing with yeast, it was advised to reduce the yeast amount by half and to possibly increase the liquid if need be.

So I followed my recipe for dough but decreased the yeast to 1/2 TBSP.  I did not increase the liquid though.

Everything turned out well!  Thank goodness too because I’ve been having a heck of a time with learning how to bake at elevation.

The dough rose perfectly and baked up perfectly!  I am also adjusting to the oven here as it does this weird preheat thing.  It heats up and then beeps that it’s ready but the oven’s version of “ready” is that it is warm or preheated.  It doesn’t beep to let you know it has reached the temperature you programmed in.  I just have to guess when I think that temperature is reached.

Next week I’m going to let it heat up a lot longer to see if I can get a crispier crust.

I am counting this first attempt as a success though!


2 thoughts on “Elevated Pizza

  1. Woohoo! Success! And I was going to say that the pizza photo looks great. I’m really interested to track your progress through the whole elevation and baking thing. I’m sure it will have it’s challenges, but do no doubt you’ll nail it.

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