Mountain Dreaming

Way back when, I posted about Scott and I taking a much needed vacation.

We were going to travel to Boulder and hang out for a few weeks.

I wasn’t completely honest with you in that post.  It is true that we were going to go on vacation, yes.  But that wasn’t all.

Our trip to Colorado was also going to be a scouting mission to find a new place to live.

Scott and I are moving to Colorado.

We ended up not going on vacation this year and decided to save that money for the big move.

It wasn’t a matter of “do we want to move to Colorado” because the decision is made. We are moving to Colorado.  More specifically we are looking for someplace between the Denver and Boulder area.

Since that was the case, for us it made more sense to just move verses driving out, staying, driving back, and then putting the house up for sale.

Also I’ll be honest, once we got out there I know we wouldn’t have wanted to drive back to Ohio.  That would have been a long and sad drive back!

So all the cryptic messages I’ve been posting about doing house work and big projects and so on, that was us updating the house to get it ready to put up for sale. It was a lot of work but we reached that goal!  Now we just have to sell the house.

Sorry for being cryptic, I tend to get nervous that I’m going to jinx things if I talk about it too early. That’s the only reason I kept this on the down-low for so long. Only a few people knew and that’s how I wanted it to be.

And I’m going to address this now before anyone asks about it.

Sadly, Rocky will not be making the trip with us.  He unexpectedly passed away in May. I didn’t say anything because it’s a hard thing to go through and Scott and I wanted to grieve and deal with this privately. He was our baby and we miss him very much.  Please, I ask you, let’s not focus on the past but instead look towards the future and to new adventures.

This will be the biggest move that Scott and I have ever made and I would love to hear your feedback!

If you’ve got tips for traveling long distance please share!

If you’ve moved a big distance before I would love any advice you have.

If you have a recommendation for movers, I want to hear it!

If you have any connections in Colorado, please send them my way!

21 thoughts on “Mountain Dreaming

  1. Lori says:

    Huge, HUGE, smile on my face and in my heart for you today! Bring on the future while enjoying the ride there!!

  2. Nicole says:

    Colorado is a popular place- my old boss moved out there recently. It sounds like a perfect fit for you guys. Sorry to see you guys go, but lots of luck to you both!

    I’m also sad to hear about Rocky. :( And here I’m posting photos of our new puppy all over Facebook! My cats are starting to get up there in years, so I worry about them and how I”m going to handle it, especially Ben.

    Good luck getting your house sold! Hopefully it goes quick!

  3. Heather says:

    I’m very sorry to hear about Rocky. My thoughts are with you.

    and congrats on the move. That sounds very exciting!

  4. Congrats on the big move and plans. I’ve never been to Colorado so I’ll have to come out and say hi once you guys are settled. I’ve always wanted to go out to that area and enjoy the weather and scenery.

    So sorry to hear about Rocky, such a hard thing to go through, the loss of a pet.

  5. Holy cow! What changes. I’m so sorry for your loss – I was wondering why we hadn’t seen any photos of Rocky lately. I totally understand, though, why you didn’t mention it.

    And I’m sad that you’ll be moving – you were the first blogger I ever interacted with and really my first friend in Columbus! We’ll certainly have to get together for lunch or dinner before you move.

    No idea on connections in Colorado, but I do hope you attend the Great American Beer Festival at some point! It sounds like an incredible festival, and I think you’d really like it. As for movers, I find them all basically to be more or less the same, but I would definitely hire them as opposed to trying to do it yourself. (Not sure if you were considering that at all.) That’s the kind of time versus money headache where I almost always pick paying a little more!

    • Jess, Yes! I remember us chatting first over books and then on your big move! :) We will not be moving ourselves. That’s too long of a trip for us to consider it.

  6. Many, many congratulations to you! Much joy to you on your move into the future, and many thanks for the joy you’ve brought Columbus while you’ve been here.

  7. GIRL what a beautiful journey ahead! So excited for you both :) I have family in Boulder, so I can holler at them with questions! What kind of moving advice are you looking for lover? The first thing that comes to mind is GET MOVERS. We did OR to TX and then TX to MS ourselves – with two pets then four – in the summer – like total idiot morons. The gin rode in my trunk for easy access during overnight stays. Plan our your road trip with restaurants in mind ;) I’m really thrilled for you and wish I could give you a hug!

  8. Whoa! Big news! I am so excited for you guys (and somewhat envious). I have lots of family in CO and always love visiting. Sorry to hear about Rocky, and best wishes for a quick sale, easy move, and great time in your new home!

  9. Joan says:

    Hi Andie!!

    Long time no see. I’m so sorry to hear about Rocky, but he is only a bridge away:)

    Congratulations on the move and I hope you will love your new home.


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