Review: Brix Chocolate

During one of our visits to World Market, Scott pointed out this Brix chocolate to me and said I should try some.

I read the description and saw that it was chocolate developed to pair specifically with wine.  Since I like dark chocolate with red wine, this was a no-brainer purchase for me.  In the cart it went and I haven’t looked back.

This chocolate is very smooth and melts on your tongue quickly.  Velvety chocolate nibbles for a post dinner treat.

I normally stick with their darkest variety but for Christmas, Scott got me a sampler pack.  It contained four little bricks of all of their chocolates.

The chocolate is presented in brick form with the idea that you break off a piece to nibble as you like.  Much like how a cheese plate is presented for wine tastings.

With each chocolate there are wine note pairings and suggestions.  After trying all of the chocolate I have to say that each flavor goes with most wines.

The milk chocolate, which I’m usually not a fan of, was amazing.  Creamy without being overly sweet and obnoxious.  We had that with prosecco which paired perfectly.

I almost always have this chocolate on hand now.  So very yummy! And perfect for when you just want a little bite of something.

If you like having a little dessert with your wine or if you’re hosting a wine tasting and are looking for a little something different to put out, I highly suggest trying this chocolate.

Disclaimer: This chocolate was bought by us. My review is my own.

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