Run January: Week 3

You can read recaps of Week 1 and Week 2.

Sunday, January 15th:

Rest day! There are two reasons why I took this as a rest day:

Body was tired.

Work needed done around the house.

We’ve been really hauling butt this past week to get wallpaper removed and two rooms painted.  Saturday, we didn’t get nearly as much accomplished as I was hoping which meant that unfortunately I had to make up time on Sunday, pushing my run aside.

Bummed out? Yes.  But at this point it’s necessary.  Since I would be scraping walls all day long, I’m considering that as “something”.  Because it leaves me dog tired at the end of the day and sore the next day!

Monday, January 16th:

It was slow going and a little rough but I made it happen, 2.5 on the books.  I’m beginning to like starting the week off with a run.

Tuesday, January 17th: 

Rainy and gross outside.  I was orginally going to workout at the end of the day, however, I started painting our laundry room and got sucked into that completely.  I’m not calling it a rest day but it wasn’t as active as I would have liked.  Let’s go with that!

Wednesday, January 18th:

Completely wiped out from painting, I hit the sack around 9:30pm.  I wanted nothing more than to sleep and that I did! Woke up too late for a run and my body was feeling very tired from the previous day’s painting.  I decided to play it by ear and see how I felt later in the day.

About 4pm, I decided to head out for a run and oh was it a tough one.  My legs would. not. go.  My shins kept tightening up on me and felt very fatigued.  Not enough to cramp, just enough to be really uncomfortable while running.  I thought my shoes were tied too tight, so I fixed that.  Still happened.  Plus I was making the horrible “clomp clomp” sound as I ran which told me my form was out of whack.  My legs hurt enough that I almost cut this run even shorter but stuck it out for 2.5.  They got better towards the end but not enough that the feeling went away.  Weird!

Thursday, January 19th: 

I felt like I could use a good stretch so I did Jillian’s Yoga Meltdown Level 1.  I love this DVD for stretching and working the muscles.  It’s not an intense workout by any means, it’s more of a stretch and works on strengthening your muscles and your core.  It’s great if you feel like a good stretch or want a bit more of an active cooldown from another workout.

I’ve done Level 2 and I don’t like it as much as Level 1.  I don’t feel like it provides quite the same amount of great stretching.  Plus, for an at-home DVD I think it throws poses at you that should only be done with supervision or if you’re experienced enough (like crow pose!).  So I stick with Level 1.

Friday, January 20th:

There was a light snow on the ground and it was a chilly morning, 11F for my run.  I did a short run, 2.5 and it was a great run.  It was a gorgeous crisp cold outside plus the added bonus of running in the snow.

Running in the snow provides a whole other level of working out.  You have to keep your balance in check, you have to stay focused where you run to make sure you don’t trip or slip, and it provides a bit of resistance.  Your legs and core get a super workout when you run in the snow.  Such fun!

Saturday, January 21st:

Not a rest day because I spent all day in the half-bath stripping wallpaper and prepping it for getting painted.  I knew that I wouldn’t get a chance to run because the weather turned and we had an inch of snow on top of about a 1/4 of ice.  Even with yak trax, that makes for a difficult run.

I busted it inside instead.


Not the best week and I’m not happy with it at all.  I did get some runs in but the mileage and duration were way too short.  Must change this in the upcoming week!

Total miles: 7.5   Bah!

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