Girls Weekend

Last weekend I took a trip over to New York City to see some of my best girls. The health coaching school I’m attending had a weekend conference in the city featuring loads of speakers.  The event was free for students and alumni.

I was able to get a direct flight out and stay with one of the ladies.  Food and travel were really my only out of pocket expenses and well, I can’t pass that up.

Nor can I pass up a weekend in the city with 6 other lovely ladies.

When I started school I was feeling very alone and lost.  It’s an online program which is perfect for me but I was looking for a little more interaction and connection with other students.

I struggled for a while as I tried to reach out to others and use the online forum to connect with other students.  Nothing was working.

I was getting very frustrated.

I kept putting out the call to others asking if anyone was interested in forming a study group.  I got a lot of interest right away but it was all very noncommittal and most of those who said they were interested suddenly were unavailable or uninterested.

Eventually I was able to connect with a group of people who were looking for others as well.  We formed our study group and we have been meeting every Monday evening on Skype for our sessions.

We’ve been chatting together since about February.

Every week since February? We’ve been together a long time!

There are eight in our group total.

  • Four of us live in Ohio
  • Three live in New York
  • One lives in Vermont

Those of us coming in from out of state were able to stay with the ladies who live in New York.  It worked out perfectly!

We all met in person for the first time on Saturday morning at the conference.

There are seven of us pictured because one of our members from Ohio couldn’t make it that weekend.

We missed you Geri Sue!

From L to R: Standing is:

  • Donna, OH
  • Jackie P., NY
  • Loring, NY
  • Me, OH
  • Jackie B., VT

Sitting L to R:

  • Lisa, OH
  • Laura, NY

This past weekend was nothing short of amazing.  We all get along so well and even though we just met for the first time in person, it was like we had been friends for years already.

It was comfortable and we all just chatted away and cracked jokes.  Some of us walked away with new nicknames and all of us walked away with sore bellies from laughing so much.

These ladies are all my sisters from other misters.

They are the ones I turn to when I have any sort of news.  If we miss our meeting on Monday night, then the week feels a little empty having not chatted with them.

Add in some wine and long talks about life, you’re golden.

That’s friendship.

7 thoughts on “Girls Weekend

  1. Loring says:

    Love it!! You summed it all up perfectly. Sisters from other misters. Serendipity that we all connected or is it Synergistic? And what you said about missing a week of not talking, so true! I little hole in the week from that absence, but knowing that we are all on each others minds no matter what. Cheers!

  2. Donna says:

    An amazing weekend for sure. Good friends are hard to come by…there are no coincidences…we were brought together for a purpose. Love that and loved being with everyone this weekend! Look forward to reading more about what we did:)

  3. Andrea you hit it on the head. I think we all felt and feel the same way. I could not ask for a better group. To Loring’s comment I will also steal the Chopra phrase of synchronicity. Loved the weekend, loved the conference but mostly I loved the time we had together. Thanks Ladies! and thanks Andrea for summing it up so GREAT!

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