Two Steps Back

Last week I was given the go-ahead from my therapist to start running for a mile every other day. I did that on Friday, I ran a mile. It was hard, my breathing was off, and I felt like I was clawing my way to the end. My hip was sore after, not immediately but it did show up like a much unwanted visitor. I iced my hip and went about my day.

My hip stayed sore the rest of the day.  It did ease up a bit and wasn’t quite as sore as it was right after the run, but it never went away.

The next day it was still sore and still hurt going up and down the stairs.

At no point was it so sore that I was limping or finding it hard to walk but it was still sore longer than I wanted it to be.

I had a suspicion this would happen, I honestly didn’t think I was ready to be clocking in a mile run when my hip was still sore after a 1/2 mile run. But per the therapist’s suggestion, I did what he asked.

I did still do my PT exercises the day that I ran a mile.  I did them in the evening and I did them yesterday as well.  Did this contribute to the fact my hip was still sore the next day?


I won’t know until I try again and don’t do the exercises that day.

Today I walked around the hood and tomorrow I have my checkup at physical therapy.  I’ll tell them what happened and we’ll go from there I guess.

The slow progress though does have me considering checking out the local Y.  It’s close by and this sister needs to get in some hardcore workouts before she goes a little crazy.

Since I am living vicariously through you friends, tell me how your training is going this summer! 

One thought on “Two Steps Back

  1. Nicole says:

    I guess my dancing is considered training, although I don’t have a goal other than losing weight- no big races for me! Did a double class on Friday, went Sat,a nd plan tongo again Sunday….plus we’re painting which is like a workout, lol. Unfortunately I’m not seeing the progress on the scale I’d like to, but I look/feel slimmer plus clothes fit a lot better. My diet is really clean for the first time ever- no cheating! But…other than an initial 5lb drop, not much is going on there.

    I understand what you’re going through- recovery from an injury like yours just seems to take forever! Best of luck!

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