Food Can Heal

If you have read my food philosophy section, then you know that I believe in eating whole real foods. Eliminate or reduce processed foods as much as possible.

I believe that a lot of aliments that people suffer from these days (cancer, ADHD in kids, high blood pressure, you name it), are a direct result of the high processed food lifestyle people have been living for quite some time.

When convience foods were first introduced, home makers around the world rejoiced.  I know for a fact my grandmother was pleased as punch over sliced bread and canned soups.  Now she didn’t have to worry about getting up at dawn every morning to make bread for the day.

However, we have to admit that over the years the quality of those foods has degraded and rapidly!  There is junk in our foods that our body doesn’t recognize or need.

Wood Pulp

Cottonseed Oil (Google that, bad stuff)

HFCS (a list of posts on this topic at Fooducate)

Just to give you a few examples. These are in our foods and making us sick, overweight, and cranky.

Our bodies have the potential to heal itself and it can do that by eating whole real foods.  By feeding ourselves real foods, we give our bodies a fighting chance.

Some have cured their cancer.  Some have cured serious digestive disorders.

Food is powerful.

I’m not saying that modern medicine doesn’t have its place.  And I’m certainly not suggesting to toss it to the wayside.

I am saying that we should also consider helping ourselves as much as possible.  We can do this by taking charge of what we decide to fuel and nourish our bodies with.

When Hippocrates, the founder of modern medicine, said, “Let food be thy medicine, and medicine be thy food”, he was on to something.

I think that we need to find our way back to this thinking and embrace food as a healing and nourishing agent.

Because of this, I’m running a series on my blog for people to have a platform to share their stories of healing their bodies through choosing real whole foods.

If you have been in a similar situation or know someone that has and would like to talk about, feel free to email me at: Andrea AT foodembrace DOT com

4 thoughts on “Food Can Heal

  1. Nicole says:

    Mmm…wood pulp. You would think adding that to your food would give you more fiber, but that’s not the case in the products they’re putting it in. LOL. That’s awful. I’m big on reading my ingredients! Unfortunately I can’t do much with some of the stuff J eats, but I sneak good stuff in where I can.

    • Nicole, what’s interesting is that I don’t believe wood pulp is considered a food so it’s not regulated in any way. This means companies can use whatever brand/type they want without repercussions from the government or authorities.

  2. I definitely agree – the industrialization of our food system led to so many additives and other ingredients that we don’t need, aren’t natural, etc.

    • Brandi, you are completely right! And it’s no wonder that things that were once rare (ADHD, food allergies/intolerances) are now more and more common. The degradation of our food system and the increase of health problems go hand in hand.

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