Blender Drama

Can you tell what this is?  It’s my current blender.

It breaks all. the. time.  And drives me bananas.

There’s a little piece of plastic on the bottom of it that gets pressed in when you secure the pitcher to the base.  You have to “lock” the pitcher in and secure the lid before the blender will even work.

That little piece of plastic breaks off all the time and you don’t realize it until your blender won’t turn on.

If you put the pitcher in too quickly, it will snap off.  If you put the pitcher in with the lid already on, it will snap off.  And if you remove the pitcher with the lid attached, it will snap off.

Scott is constantly supergluing that stupid piece of plastic on this blender probably every other week.

It broke one time too many and I threw a royal hissy fit in the kitchen.  As a cook you want your appliances to work. You trust them because they are supposed to help you provide food to yourself and others.

When they don’t work, oh we can become very cranky.

This last time I was done.  I told Scott that I was going to purchase THE blender.

You know what I’m referring to.

Scott, being wise (or maybe because he was frightened) just walked in the kitchen and said “I’ll fix it.”

So he did.  With cardboard and duck tape.

Instead of gluing it again, he inserted some cardboard and taped it down.  This is so the blender always registers that the pitcher is secure and can be used.

“If you think this means that everything is fine and I’m not buying THE blender, I’m sorry to say that assumption is incorrect.”


“Yeah, something that holds liquids and runs on electricity with a high powered motor I don’t think should come in contact with cardboard and duck tape for extended use.”



So my crap blender has been fixed for the time being but I will be purchasing THE blender shortly.

I will then be torching this blender and roasting, toasting to it with a glass of the perfect frozen margarita and chips and hummus.  All made with THE blender.  You’re invited but you’ve got to bring your own glasses.

14 thoughts on “Blender Drama

  1. I wish I had the luxury of buying one of THE blenders (I would also consider the Blendtec), but they are just so.damn.expensive. I’m all for quality appliances, don’t get me wrong. I hate buying crap that will just break on me. But a good blender is just not in a student budget. So for now, I continue to go blenderless…le sigh.

    • Marianne, oh I hear you! I hate the fact that these blenders are so expensive and only have, what I consider, to be a short warranty. If I’m spending that much on a blender, I don’t ever want to have to purchase another one in this lifetime! Ha!

  2. Ha! Hilarious!!! :P

    In moments of frustration, I have also threatened to buy one of THE blenders. So I’ve made a deal with myself…..I can get one when my current one dies. Of course, I probably ought to help it along rather than avoiding it because nice or twice it has smelled like something is burning!

  3. Grace says:

    I just randomly came across your blog, and I love it! Very inspiring. I share your passions for real food and running (in moderation-no marathons in my future)! Although I try to eat as many real foods as possible, I don’t always do as well as I’d like to. Your website reminds me that it takes effort and planning, but is definitely worth it. On a side note, my husband and I just purchased a blender and have been making strawberry banana smoothies with skim/soy milk and a drop of honey. Tasty, but looking for something new. Do you happen to have any other ideas/suggestions? Thank you, and thank you for this wonderful website!

  4. Oh I totally feel your pain! I’ve had the crappiest no good blender for sometime now — I was hoping and praying for a new one since we were getting married and such. But luck has it, that no one bought a new blender. Ha ha…so we put together all the giftcards we received and bought a mother of a blender. No vita mix -it’s close and now I’m one happy camper!! I hope you get your new blender sooN! :)

  5. When you get that new blender of yours Andrea, you might get a kick out of a post I did called Spin Cookery You will certainly be getting your money’s worth!

    Thanks for sharing…

    P.S. Excuse the link but I just couldn’t resist. I think you’ll LOVE it:)

  6. Michele says:

    I got my vita-mixer on ebay. An antique with a stainless vessel. It is wonderful and I just made flour with it yesterday.
    Although new is great, don’t forget that estate sales often have such items at more than a flea market shopper wants to pay, but a great deal for the baker who only awaits the affordability to purchase the item.

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