Straight Hip

I saw my sports doctor again last Tuesday to get the results of my MRI. That was a long wait, let me tell ya! Almost a week!

He said that my hip was fine and that there were no stress fractures which is amazing news. I was thinking the worst there for a while, I promise.  After a few more palpitations and moving my leg around it was determined that I actually have a very tight TFL muscle.

It’s in the same area as the IT band and does a little bit of the same thing as the IT.  However it’s located under the IT band, so it’s a little bit deeper down.  It also covers all of the hip area, most especially coming in over the top of the hip bone.

That is where my pain is along with being right inside the hip socket area.

Cue the TFL muscle!

Not only do I have to go to PT but I have to see one person specifically! This is due to the fact that the TFL is tricky to work with and most people get IT band issues (been there as well) and not so deep as to affect the TFL.  Well I’m not one to follow a crowd so it’s the TFL this time around for me.

I have my PT evaluation on Monday afternoon and hopefully I’ll be running again soon! I’ve heard this guy is pretty great with PT and he’s a runner so clearly he gets it.

The doctor said I could run whenever I wanted as long as I’m not limping.  But the muscle is super sore after a run and I do limp a bit, so I’m waiting until the eval on Monday and go from there.

In the meantime, I’ve still been walking and do weights.  I hope to be running again soon!

How’s your training going?

5 thoughts on “Straight Hip

  1. Nicole says:

    Good to hear it’s not as serious as a fracture! I’m curious to learn more about the TFL even though that never came up as an issue for me.

    My training still only consists of hip-hop dancing, LOL. Got the husband to try it out on Friday! I think he liked it but felt awkward not knowing the steps. I thought class would be really tough after a two week break due to vacation, but it appears all that time walking around DC and sweating profusely thanks to their crappy humidity helped condition me. The new schedule starts next week, so I’m not sure how many hip-hop classes I’ll be able to attend at the new, farther away location. Will have to settle for Zumba!

  2. Nicole says:

    Yeah, I’ve tried it, but I don’t like it as much as Hip-Hop. It’s not really my kind of music…although, neither is hip-hop, LOL.

  3. Heidi says:

    Andrea, I’m so glad it’s not serious. I’m sure the PT will fix you up in no time. :)

    My training has been going well this summer. I’ve been cycling a lot, training for a century ride next month. I did hill training for the first time yesterday and it was much tougher than I expected. But I figure that I’m stronger today because I did it. And hopefully it will be a little easier next time. I’ll be doing a metric century (62 miles) this weekend. Endurance cycling takes a lot longer than running!

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