Farmer’s Market Report

Our local farmer’s market just opened up last week but I was unable to swing by. I made sure to go this week to see what the goods were and also because I really wanted some local ground beef.  I had big plans of making what I call Enchilada Pie and I had a huge craving for ground beef.  I don’t normally crave meat so I went with it.  I fully believe that our body tells us what it needs via cravings and we should honor that and supply what our bodies are asking for.  Within reason of course!

It’s early in the season so there really was not a whole lot to be had.  I got some lovely tomatoes and three gigantic zucchinis!  Look at the size of those things! One will be made into stuffed zucchini.  The others I’ll have to play around with.  Maybe some chocolate zucchini bread?

Kohlrabi was also in season and I asked the vendor about it.  I have never had kohlrabi and I was curious about this vegetable.  She let me have a taste and explained that it could be eaten raw or cooked.

Guys I love veggies but it was all I could do to not gag and spit this out.  Ugh my body does not like kohlrabi at all!  At first it was crisp and sweet, very similar in texture to an apple but then I was hit with a super concentrated intense cabbage flavor.  Literally like a cabbage concentrate.  I really like cabbage but this was too much for me.  When I got home I had to nibble on something else to get the taste out of my mouth and I was burping it back up for half an hour.  No kohlrabi!

Once back home Scott went out to mow and I got started on supper.

Ground beef and lots of veggies and beans cooked up to make the filling for the enchilada pie.  All of that went to make this beauty!

Yum!! It’s all layered up like how you would make lasagna, except using tortillas instead of noodles.  I would show you a picture of the inside but like with most casserole type dishes, it’s not very pretty.  Tastes fantastic though!

It hit the spot and I’m super excited to have leftovers for this evening as today is a long and busy day.

What have you made with your farmer’s market purchases this week?

4 thoughts on “Farmer’s Market Report

  1. Nicole says:

    I picked up sugar snap peas and sauteed them last night with dinner. There’s still a zucchini to cook and plenty of lettuce to eat in salads. Mostly I bought garlic scapes, LOL. I’ve been wanting to pickle them, but haven’t had a totally free lunch hour to do so.

    • Nicole, are you going to pickle them refrigerator style with sugar and vinegar? I would like to hear how you did it and what they taste like! :)

  2. I haven’t tried Kohlrabi yet so I’m interested to hear your reaction. I did try jicama this week (not from FM) and loved it, though! I got some spring onions and I think I’ve used them in every dish this week from shrimp orzo to potato salad. Some great heirloom tomatoes went into a caprese salad last night. That enchilada pie sounds amazing!

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