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I recently attended my first Slow Food Columbus meeting.  I have been to a few classes sponsored by Slow Food but this was my first official Slow Food meeting and I’m really looking forward to becoming more involved with this group.

Slow Food is the exact opposite of fast food.  The Slow Food motto is “Good, clean, and fair food”.

For those of you that have been following me for a while you know that there are several things I support:

  • Cooking at home
  • Shopping at local businesses
  • Educating yourself on where your food comes from
  • Choosing to eat foods that are local and clean

Slow Food represents all of these things and I’m happy to have found a connection with like minded people.  By putting on classes, creating tastings, and events that feature local farmers, Slow Food makes educating ourselves about the foods we eat a little easier.  They show us how simple it is to eat well and eat local.

At the meeting, I learned that there are 5 Different Areas of Slow Food Columbus you can become involved in:

  • Conviviality
  • Biodiversity
  • Taste Education
  • Food Policy
  • Slow Food in Schools

For more information about what each group does, please Click Here. There is also contact information for the chairs of each committee and they would be happy to talk with you about becoming involved.

You can read more about Slow Food Columbus HERE and with even more contact information available. Or you can Follow Slow Food Columbus on Twitter or on Facebook.

You can become a member of Slow Food USA, which is the parent group, for $25 per year.  From that website you’ll be able to see if there is a Slow Foods chapter in your area. If not, you can find information about starting one!

Will I see you at the next Slow Food Columbus event? I hope so!

Are you involved with Slow Food? Have you heard about the program before?

7 thoughts on “Slow Food Columbus

  1. So that’s what was going on in the kitchen last Saturday! Argh! If only I was paying more attention, I prolly would have come too! I find myself returning to their site a lot- I really should get involved.

  2. How cool! My sister and her boyfriend, as chefs, are very involved with the Slow Food Movement. In fact, they were invited to and attended the Terra Madre Slow Food convention in Torino, Italy a few months ago. They’ve really helped me to keep in mind where my food comes from, and remembering that it’s not always about convenience :)

  3. I’ve heard of the slow movement before – I just wished I lived in a place that could get local produce year round – I joined a CSA a couple years ago and because we had such a cool summer, every week I’d shell out $25 for a box of kholrabi and carrots!

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