Decompress and Relaxation

Each day I need time to myself and to spend time with Scott.  Actual face time, even if it’s just for 10 minutes before going to sleep but I need something. I try really hard to ensure this happens every single day.

Most times people are confused or poke fun when I say that because both Scott and I work from home.  While it is true that we are technically spending the day together, it’s not like this is quality bonding time.

We’re working.

While working from home does have it’s benefits (see, working in PJs) it doesn’t mean we’re sitting around twiddling our thumbs or having huge deep discussions about life.  It just means we’re working.  Scott’s doing his thing and I’m doing my thing, hardly something that could be called “togetherness”.  So at the end of the day I’m ready to chill out and see both my boys.

My version of chilling out is much the same as Rocky’s.  I want to get snug on the couch and veg. Even better is getting snug in my bed and reading before calling it a night and going to sleep.

Making sure I have some down time before sleeping is key to me getting a well rested and peaceful night’s sleep.  This is also the time I make sure I’m able to hang out with Scott. I’m picky about reading too, it must be a book. No magazines. In theory I love magazines but in reality I never want to read them.  If I’m reading then I want it to be a book!

When I don’t get these things (downtime and face time) I’m left feeling a little out of sorts and off balance.  It’s amazing how much it really throws my body for a loop when I can’t get any down time and go right from one day straight into the next day.

I think a lot of people struggle with downtime and relaxation.  Our society tells us that we have all these things that need to get done in a certain amount of time and if you take time to just chill out you are being selfish and wasting time that could be spent being productive.

As if downtime and relaxing isn’t being productive!

Our bodies need to be well rested and relaxed in order for us to be able to be at our best.  We need some time to hang out and think about nothing at all.  In reality, we are more productive when we are more rested and relaxed!

This is the exact reason that I have Family Day for us as well.  That’s on Sunday and the most I want to do on that day is not much of anything but spend time with my family.  It’s a nice way to wrap up the week and decompress before the new week begins.  It gives me a chance to get some quality time with Scott and maybe plan out the upcoming week so I will feel less stressed as I go through it.

It helps me feel centered and grounded.  It also gives my inner introvert a chance to recharge.

Do you make sure that you give yourself time each day and each week to relax and recharge? Or are you the type who is on the go constantly looking to get things done?

5 thoughts on “Decompress and Relaxation

  1. I LOVE that you and Scott have this time together. It makes me so happy to know that others are savoring their marriage and connection time.

    Alex and I largely work from home too and I agree that whole days can go by without hardly seeing each other. We don’t even eat lunch together even when we’re home all day.

  2. I totally get what you mean! I love having my “me time” to read magazines, books or catch up on my Google reader, but I feel empty not having our us time right before bed! Love that I’m not the only one that needs this to feel ‘balanced’

  3. Heidi says:

    I totally need time to decompress and chill with my husband each night, after the boys go to bed. It’s nice to take a half hour or so and talk, or do nothing but chill with him. We need that time each day to reconnect.

  4. Oh I so agree. I think partners need to spend time together enjoying, well, their time together! It makes for a stronger relationship and really allows each person to remember “that feeling”

    What a good post!

  5. amen!! working from home is not a daily vacation and it means you have to figure out how to shut it off, i find myself constantly checking email or writing up something i am thinking about.

    when i take the time to read and just hang out i do feel so much better!

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