Talking Thanksgiving with Chef Michael Chiarello

OHC is in full Thanksgiving mode!  It is next week but there’s still plenty of time to talk side dishes, wine, and turkey.  Recently I had the great opportunity to submit a few Thanksgiving questions to Chef Michael Chiarello and I have to tell you that I was excited beyond words.

Chef Chiarello was (and still is) by far my favorite Chef that was on the Food Network.  I love his show because he proved how easy it is to get in the kitchen to cook something and also how that simple food can be elegant and sophisticated.  He threw amazing dinner parties that were simple to put together leaving the guests satisfied and the host with time to chat and enjoy themselves.

I asked him three questions and here he is presenting his answers.

I hope you enjoyed it!

A huge thank you to Chef Chiarello for taking the time to answer this food blogger’s questions.  And another big thank you to Jackie for setting all of this up!

Disclaimer: This interview was sponsored by Progresso.

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