Pizza Thursday for February 18th, 2010: Supreme Pizza!

Since we are still right smack in the middle of Scott’s birthday week celebrations, that means he got a special pizza this week!  I have been trying since last week to get an idea of what he wanted on his pizza specifically and he kept coming back with, “Just your pizza.”  :whatever: Which of course isn’t too helpful.  Today was my last ditch effort to find out what he wanted before it was go time.

Me: So tell me what do you want on your super special birthday boy pizza tonight?

Scott: You know.

Me: I don’t know.

Scott: Your pizza is fine.

A beat…

Scott: Sausage.

Me: No question about that.  What else?

Scott: Whatever.

Me: This could mean a lot of things.  Do you want red onion and peppers?  Grated carrot and zucchini?  Broccoli?  Banana peppers?  Feta?  Artichoke?  What?

Scott: Yes.

Me: Well alright then.

And here we have it, a loaded down supreme style pizza with all of the above except zucchini because that little bugger turned on me in the fridge. It wasn’t pretty and ended with him going all Lohan and hitting the trash.

  • Spelt Crust
  • Pizza sauce
  • Shredded moz and parm and asiago
  • All of the above toppings (sausage just on Scott’s side) minus feta and banana peppers

There just wasn’t enough room for the feta and banana peppers! :p  Feta doesn’t melt but just browns and it can fall of very easily even when you’re eating it.  I decided that since there was already a ton of toppings that we could pass on the feta and I added asiago at the end.  Same with banana peppers, they can fall off really easily and I didn’t want to chance making a mess.

DELISH! And loaded down, boy this was filling! :D

There’s your Pizza Thursday Report for February 18th, 2010.  OHC out!

2 thoughts on “Pizza Thursday for February 18th, 2010: Supreme Pizza!

  1. That is one LOADED pizza! I hope Scott enjoyed it :)

    A few weeks ago our zucchini turned on me too – tons of moldy spots. Ha. I pealed around them and spared what I could. It was pretty gross though! (to cut, not to eat)

  2. Wow, your homemade pizza looks so much better than mine! I love all these creative veggie toppings and the cheese combo. I could go for one tonight. Do you deliver? ;)

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