Exercise Log: February 8th – 14th, 2010

Monday, February 8th:

I thought about running this morning since I didn’t get much of a long run in on Sunday but decided to stick with the routine and do Shred + Gina’s Winter Shape-Up.  I did two levels of Shred and for the record I always do level 2 and 3.  I actually find level 3 the easiest of the levels, perhaps because it’s more body mechanics than it is weights.  A lot of the strength moves are utilizing just your own body weight as opposed to hand weights.  I find level 1 to be the hardest because it’s a lot of shoulder weight moves that are really difficult for me to do.  Perhaps I should add that back into rotation?

I am currently taking suggestions for exercise DVDs! I like the Shred but I definitely need something else in there to mix things up.  I like Jillian (although find her diet and new pill line completely offensive) for workouts.  I like the combo of lifting and cardio.  Should I check out her other DVDs?

I must admit that I am loving this new routine of waking up and doing lifting on Monday mornings.  Before I did nothing, it was a rest day for me.  Which would put me at two rest days during the week, Monday and Friday.

I don’t need that many rest days.  That said, if my body feels tired or run down I listen to it.  But back to my point, since I don’t really need that many rest days, doing strength on Mondays works out perfectly!  I love it! And it gets my week started off right.  You know I love a good sweat and this delivers.

Talk to me this summer though and we’ll see how much I’m loving the sweat. ;)

Tuesday, February, 9th:

Well I attempted to run and it didn’t work out too well for me.  The snow was very small pellets and there was a good wind going resulting in snow pelting me in the face for most of the run.  I could only bust out 2.5 miles before getting really cranky and acquiring some snow-burn.  Is that a word?  Does it really exist? I’m creating it if it does not.  You heard it here first!

I also shovled another 6inches of snow for an hour so I’m calling this day good in terms of workouts.

Wednesday, February, 10th:

Wednesdays are technically supposed to be run days with some strength thrown in afterwards.  However lately I’ve just been doing strength for one reason or another.  Today’s reason being that we got more snow and the roads didn’t look so good outside.  I did the same as Monday, 2 levels of shred and then Gina’s Week 3 Shape-Up.

Before I mentioned that when I do two levels of shred, I skip the warm-up of the second level I do.  I’ve since changed back to doing the warm-up for both levels.  It gives me more of a workout plus I like the warm-up!  Level 3’s warm-up is my favorite because there’s a bit more cardio involved along with the high kicks. I love doing high kicks!

Today since I was slightly cranky because I didn’t get out for a run, I tried to kick it up a notch.  I tried to make some of the moves harder, added in some more intensity, and I also added in more reps.  Even though Jillian says, “No stopping!” she does talk for a few seconds between sets which does give you a bit of a breather.  I skipped that and started the moves while she was still talking allowing me to get in a few extra moves.

At this point I am ready for spring weather and more consistent running outside.  I actually don’t mind snow despite complaining about it a few times.  It’s winter, it’s going to happen.  What I don’t like is how Ohio gets their snow late.  If this would happen in November, December, and January, that would be fine because that’s winter.  When you get into February, then you start switching over to spring.  Or at least in my mind this is how it should work but Ohio doesn’t get winter weather until late January and February.  It’s totally strange.

Now that I’m thinking about it, we do get a lot of rain in the spring so maybe I’m just ready for early summer?  When it’s warm enough that you can wear running capris and don’t need a hoodie but cool enough that you aren’t trying to swim your way through the humidity.

Thursday, February, 11th:

I was so close to not running today.  It was snowing and the wind was blowing and it was freakin’ cold outside.  Brrrr!  But I didn’t run on Wednesday and sort of regretted it.  I told myself that I would only do as much as I could and that would be enough.  Whatever the end result may be.

I ended up pumping out 5 miles and it was a hard run.  We still have a ton of snow on the ground and all of the side streets do not get plowed.  This means that I was running through a lot of snow.  Sometimes I was lucky and it would be packed down providing a better running surface.  Other times it was just soft slushy (but not really slush, if that makes sense) snow where I had to really focus on keeping my balance.  Not everyone in my ‘hood shoveled their walks so there were some times where I was high stepping it a lot to get through all the snow.

I wasn’t able to wear my YakTrax because some roads, like mine and another main one, were plowed so there was no snow on it.  I can’t run for a long distance with YakTrax on and no snow.  See aforementioned comment about not everyone shoveling.  That meant that sidewalks weren’t always an option either.

Regardless I busted out 5 miles and it was hard but I’m proud of myself for doing that much.  Later in the day was conditioning class.

Thank the baby jeebus we were finally able to make it out of the house.  Martial Arts classes have been cancelled due to snow and we haven’t left this house since Monday afternoon.  I have been doing alright in regards to cabin fever because I’ve gotten outside to run and/or walk Rocky.  Scott gets no outside time save for a few minutes when he does Rocky’s last nightly potty run.  This means he has been inside all this time.  I love my husband but dude was starting to get cranky. Oh he would deny it if asked but trust me cabin fever was starting to emerge.  Conditioning class was a saving grace because otherwise we would have had to start sparring here and I would have had to let Scott win.

Being able to attend conditioning class means we both won! ;)

Friday, February 12th:

Rest day! Rest day!  Wooo!

Saturday, February 13th:

Muay Thai day and we were late. We had trouble finding a place to park because the parking lot was only slightly plowed and when you have a little hobbit car like us, you can’t just park in a bunch of snow.

I can’t take a picture of it myself and Scott is asleep so you’re gonna have to wait but I’m sporting a pretty sweet bruise on my left shin.  Between participating in two martial arts, I’m constantly sporting bruises someplace. It’s a little more embarrassing when it’s on my legs because I always wonder if people think I participate in some activity on the side that I’m not telling them about. ;)  Anyway, even with shin guards on, a good hard kick is still a good hard kick.  I was blocking some really nice kicks yesterday and my leg is showing the results of my labor.  Slightly sore but nothing that is interfering with walking or anything.

Sunday, February, 14th:

Long run day! And as far as I got was 6 miles. Meh.  We have a bunch of snow still that is either really packed down or has turned into a thick sheet of ice. My town didn’t plow everywhere for reasons unbeknownst to me (laziness?) so it makes long runs a little more challenging.

Running in all this snow when it’s hard packed and uneven footing is hard on my granny knees.  Which means I can only do so many miles and today those miles were 6.  I’m still considering this a good run because even though it’s not as long as I would like it to be, I’m working harder running in the snow and working harder to keep my balance.

I’m ready for spring though. ;)

3 thoughts on “Exercise Log: February 8th – 14th, 2010

  1. I discovered your blog via a search for winter running and hiking blogs. I try my best to engage in plenty of outdoor activity despite snow and ice – living in Maine our cold season seem to drag on and on. Anyway – I run in Stabilicers Sports designed for running (and made in Maine so it’s a no brainer for me!) and I live on an island so the terrain changes quickly – one minute it is ice and the next bare road and the next dirt so I, too, find myself taking off my ice cleats, putting them back on and off due to the elements here. I can relate.
    Happy Running!

  2. I feel the same way as you – don’t hate the snow, but can it please be gone my March? Don’t think that is going to happen this year!

    We were just talking about doing Level 3 of the Shred tomorrow (for the first time). I wonder if we will find it as easy as you! So far, I think Level 2 is harder than Level 1. It’s all that plank stuff. I am curious about her other DVDs as well.

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